Friday, December 29, 2006

We are getting there

not the best picture quality but hey !!!

Making small steps but we are almost there.. we finally got the carpet installed.. it wasn’t my first color choice but if u are color blind.. u probably won’t be able to tell the difference.. the shop is taking shape .. I just commissioned an artist to design a rack for us.. we will see how that goes.. . $$$ not in my budget

So today we went to the store with the tees.. the goal was to figure out the best way to display the tees. My cousin and brother came out to help… we played around with a few options but I am not yet sure I am feeling the whole thing.. I still feel like its not yet clicking… what do u guys think…????

I was supposed to go pick up the shopping bags today but we didn’t here back from the guy who was supposed to drop it off… the design is pretty simple. I wanted a dark colored bag but the were out of it so I was stuck with cream… u can see it somewhere in the pics below

Anyway more pics of the progress. And Nigeria is not for the poor… things are tooo damn expensive.. to top it off there has been petrol scarcity for the past 3 days.. infact it started in lagos easily last wk.. normally its 65 per liter now ppl are paying up to 150 per liter... #@$%@