Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NS does NY yet again!!! Independence Day Parade

So yet again it was time for another Indy Parade. Happy Bday Naija!!! Anyway NS had to show face as usually but without our trademark indy designs, but no worries our GoodLiving collection was able to fill that void. The venue for the parade was moved 3 streets up to 47th street. Don’t ask me why!!

For the past 4 years NS attended the parade it has never rained. The first year its moved, it rains all day (ALL DAY). Maybe the Gods are telling us something. Enough ranting from me …enjoy some rainy pix lol... from FB bayo and I

Getting the Van ready. we had to go pick it up by 6.30am.

i think this was 30 mins into the journey... lol

We watched as FB's car was been taken to the dealer for some work....LOOOL!!! Go FB

The Parade!! folks were really having fun

NS Dispaly

NS Display part II

FB bayo having fun n chilling

Jennifer and Amy wick wick... stopped by to show some love

The stage

The frontman: this guys were having their side show. did not understand a word but it was realllllll groovy . waiting for the CD folks.

rest of the band....

Leaving NY... you see its still raining??

so not fair at all

waz up fam. still in nigeria... . still tryin to hustle.. still tryin to put shit together.we are having a 5 day long weekend.. havent been doing much tho.. still tryin to hustle.. things moving at a mad slow pace... work has officially started on the store... well not much work.. but its still progress.. now the next thing is when will the store be opening?? now if this was the states the store should be open in 3 wks.. but TIA... or TIN.. this is africa.. or this is nigeria.. in the words of a great philospher shit will indeed happen.. so its going to be a ride.. pls put ur seat belts on

inbtw... niptuck is a really really crazy show and nigeria is good for catchin up on series and shows u missed or never followed... plus i love sanaa lathan .. sorry halle we just cant work out anymore...... i spent less than 40 bucks on 5 seasons of the wire and 4 seasons of niptuck.. and even at that i probably got ripped off a little. i know i should be workin not watching shows.. i am sowwy.. i just need to unwind... too much madness in this country... and way too many WTF.. lolol :-) but u know.. i am confindent that this will be a wonderful home for NS... only a matter of time.

and everything has a price in nigeria... and i mean everything.. some u find out upfront and some u find out later on.. :-) some inside story that will not be shared now tho.

much love and i promise i will be takin pics for u to see the little progress..

ns loves u more..

expect bassey and bayos blog.. apparently the ny indy parade wasnt what we expected :(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still changing attitudes; The Little details

Once again we apologize to everyone that has waited for the NS new collection... i tell u, u are gonna love our new sexiness...lol. NS is still about changing attitudes and paying attention to details... no slacking on that!

The NS Label n Logo (on the New Royalty Shirt)

The NS Hangtag

The NS Hangtag. Part II

The NS Patch

The NS Label


Sunday, September 14, 2008

FINALLY...almost there

Finally the long awaited NS collection will be out soon; and we living gooooood!!!

NS GoodLiving Collection

FB Bayo and I decided it was time to put the paddle to the metal; actually FB did...lol. All the same enjoy the pix from our late late late night faceoff.

FB Bayo n I Working up a sweat at 3am...

My NS office

Site Template

Edy stopped by to show some support...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

blah blah blah.. it will get better believe me

I should blog more... but storieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees... so the shop has been paid for... i got a call that something something.. the bank didnt accept the check not cuz of funds or bad signature but because i didnt put Naira.. behind the amount.. imagine that.. what other currency will i be spendin in nigeria.. anyway so i am off to the agents tomorrow to add the extra word in there.

So we headed to unilag on the mainland today and we went on a one way road and we got caught.. :( storiessssssssssssssssssssssssss but i am not in the mood to get into the details.. this country is gettin to me for real :) madness.. complete madness

Monday, September 8, 2008

blah blah blah

The madness continues.. and it continues and it continues so officially NS has a new home in lagos. the work now begins and i am not cool at all.... :( its up hill or maybe its down hill from here... Donations accepted lol
wish us luck..

Saturday, September 6, 2008