Sunday, April 20, 2008

NS is on the Rock ..God save our enemies ... Gangsta 4 lyfe

Yeah yeah yeah.. Ns is back in the building.... still slacking but i can guarantee u.. we will be making up for it in the near future.. and pls note one thing.. NS is really Gangsta... They cant stop us.. We on the rock..... lolol

So i am listening to Mavado " on the rock" and yessir i got pumped up to drop some new ns business on the blog.. So what have we been up to???

well for one NS is going legit now.. We are fine tuning the look...building the brand.. growing our NS family and we r loving every bit of it.. So much love for all the support.. We cant say it enough. Yall make this journey sweet for us..

So quick run down then i will jump to the pics. So as you know we were at vegas back in Feb. and we got schooled big time on the ins and outs of this business and what we need to succeed.. So we have been in the kitchen cooking we made some jollof rice and now we are making the ofada rice lololol u dig.. well we are pretty much stepping our shit up.... we have never really competed with any other new clothing stores.. we have always looked up to the big ballers in the game.. and altho we cant really go gunning for them now we will atleast try to even the playing field by dropping dope designs.. improving on the finishing.. packaging and presentation.. we r just trying to completely sweep u off ur feet. :)
One of the things we have been working on is building the SP collection. The SP is like the big brother line to NS1463. U know its the SP that is pushing the finer cars.. drinking the ace of spades dating the models . u get my drift.. while the NS1463 is the street dude just tryin to make a hustle in the words of Kanye NS1463 dude is the one singing.. ohhhhhh wait till i get my money right!!! lolololol its all love tho.. anyway back to the SP..
so the SP collection is part of the evolution under the NS brand. we will feel u in as we go along..

for now enjoy some pics from the Morgan ASA show. One half of the NS fam was on stage doing what he does best.

Eddy n Lawrence backstage last minute rehearsal

bassey playing with computers again

facebook Bayo.. freshest NS dude on facebook. lol

He is rocking the NS Slick as f.. jacket. we had to shorten the name to NS slick

Kore and Bayo at the NS impromptu table

The Legendary Mambo Dancers

not bad eh

Danger .. must say the 1463 tees are fiyah

hi 5

eno B doing his thing

lawrence Pleasing the females

NS in the building

basseyn again

bayo n Olumide.. rocking NS SP
Slick Jacket back design
SP baby
NS Afrique