Friday, November 24, 2006

NS is going to Nigeria

You read that right... We are going to conquer Nigeria..atleast thats the plan.i have been travelling home often and every time i go the brand gets a great reception. the ppl are feeling the designs... anyway . We have been working on some designs geared for the naija Market. What do you think? isn't it about time that we show love to our home base??? Now here comes the wahala

Waz up ppppl. welcome us as we welcome you

Hmmmm I guess you can say we aint that original with this blog thing. Infact we are rather late getting on this medium.. but u know what... better late than never.. plus its about time to get closer to you. We def. want to spread the NS love to you in 07 and we most importantly want to communicate with you on our plans and vision for this brand.

We welcome you to our little pet project... Yeap we definitely going to be changing attitudes.


Friday, November 17, 2006

NS1463: Genesis

An intro to the voice of tomorrow and the attitude of today. We are no longer rebels without a cause we will have a voice and we will make the change. NS 1463. Changing Attitudes