Monday, February 18, 2008

Vegas Baby Vagas Baby

So we hit up the famous Magic show in Vegas. U know what they say .. what happens in vegas stays in vegas... well we brought some vegas back to baltimore. The magic show is a trade show held 2 times a yr .. its pretty much where the who of who in the fashion/ apparel/manufacturing industry come to either sell or buy.. and we went there to get schooled and schooled did we get :)

we got mad contacts.. got some mad knowledge.. and now we are going to soak it all in and spit it out in a revamped NS1463 clothing co.

much love for the support and love enjoy the pics

that is not bassey sleeping

hmm !! who do we have here? i guess the badprof is awake

vast emptiness

welcome to vegas. Airport banking lol or is it aiport madness

waiting for the shuttle to take us to the hotel
Las Vegas Convention center. host of the 4 day trade show
The Viera Hotel

day 1 at magic. Roca Wear in the building

The Phantom
Sean John. They didnt let bassey in. The fools must have lost his appointment :)
The Bentley

Manufacturing section

The Future
Ns Baby!!!
everything is big in vegas
bassey decided to ball with the $15.00/night internet.
well it only lasted 24hrs but yeah ..ballin lol

someone feelin pretty

NS in da Building
Marketing 101
Marketing 102
Promotion 401

Mr. Mos Def. in da building
Mos Def
this is the line for taxi at the end of the day. atleast 200 ppl lining up to get a cab
The center

in the mens section. this is Tommy bahama's booth and this is indoors

Coogi doing it big
another view

Ck in da Building

Barber shop sponsored by DNR
Bun B- UGK

Kadelli clothing and NS
Kadelli clothing and NS
one thing that blew my mind were ppl drinking everywhere on the streets and all around the hotel.
Public show outside Treasure Island

Mall at Caesars Palace

This is indoors with a painted ceiling. Noice
and this one
and this
yes this one too

Venetian Hotel. super romantic

Bassey lookin for trouble
yeap indoors.. imagine that
and this

and its PM not am.. everything is big in Vegas mehn
SP collection
NY NY in Vegas

thats all folks.. will keep u posted with everything else.
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