Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Crack in a box

Still workin hard well also eatin right

This is what crack looks like in a box. see bayo doing the heavy lifting

and now he is posing for the camera. we had a total of 19 boxes . yipppppppie and now the real work begins

we are giving u more colors than the rainbow..... well wont really bore u with all the details lets just say it took 2 full days to sort things out.... well off to the printers ..will keep u all posted

much love NS

States n things

so back in the states.. on first ever official business trip.. imagine that.. anyway we linked up with the good ppl of compete clothing... everyone has to hustle and they are doin it just right.... we are kinda in different markets but if u are in the states and love tees and sneakers then u should def check em out.

yeap putting FB bayo to work. I am rockin the Unknown soldier tee and bayo is tryin to stay pimped in the sp tee.. and he didnt get anywork done

bassey came thru and we had a full work station. we made a few moves u know we have to come correct for u guys no more half stepping lol

never a lost battle

So its been another long minute since I last blogged….. apart from the fact that I am probably a slacker, I have no other bad reason not to be carryin u along on this journey… so my apologies and I hope all these hard work we are doing over here at the camp… will make u understand and be proud of us… :)

So whats been popping … well for one naija is def an eye opener… the vultures are always out and u better be as quick as a cheetah and as flexible as maybe a cheetah again.. but my point is things are so different here in naija that u better learn how to adapt fast otherwise it will be “damn hommie in high school u were the man hommie “ u should know the rest. If not then u probably are too old to read this or a slacker which ever the case is.. NS LOVES U MORE.

So back to my point… there were a few adjustments we had to make on the ground in gidi. A few disappointments but we are born champions so we just dust it off and bounce back..

well for one.. ns didn’t secure a store front :( things just didn’t fall in place for that.. so for that I am sorry for not coming thru for yall… but the good news is I saved money on my car insurance by switchin to geico… “ this is a states joke and its quite funny I must say lol “ anyway the good news is we are workin on an innovative way of pushin the brand in naija to say the least . it will involve 2 strippers 1 carpenter ,1 doctor 1 marga and 1 okada driver and 6 gardeners. U just have to wait and see :)

And to those that have been callin me in naija.. my bad.. i really didn’t know how to spread the news that I was steppin out for a hot minute.. so once again I am sowwwwwy… I think I am getting too soft now.. way too many apologies in 4 paragraphs. well it was 4 paragraphs until i attempted to edit it.

enjoy the pics for now

Enjoy the pics

my last day in lagos ran into liams boutique in Dolphin Estate. def worth checking out.. she is rockin the NS VIP tee.. she is a believer now lol. well to those that were close enough i kinda made a pact not to shave until i found a store... well i didnt get one :( but i think what we are workin on now might be better than a shop.. yeah right i just had to shave mehn...... so there u go.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Mr Naija doing his thing n rockin NS...

The display


Suya master's tent: The suya master is Amazing!!!


Friday, July 4, 2008


So NS did the NRC reunion this year once again. Much love to Kumi/Sade and the NRC crew. The last time NRC was around the Maryland area was in 1998. I am kinda old rite? Lol… anyway, NS had to represent to the fullest.

As some of you are aware, Olu is still in naija sorting out locations for the NS store in Lagos, so this was the first major event without him around. But no worries I had my always COOL n capable facebook Bayo to charm the ladies… J

Enjoy the pictures from day 1…

setting up...

Bayo setting up...

Bayo at it. lol

G-Fem n smiles...nice profile

What's up with my mouth. NS Fan. .coool chic

The NS rack

beeu n wifey stopped by as usual

ZARA !!!