Friday, December 18, 2009

shooting for the stars

We might end up kissin the moon. but ns is the truth and we cant be stopped ehn ehn( doin the puffy shake) :)

much love folks. and it will only get sweeter cuz we got 1463 tons of sugar and we will make u love us more one day

Thursday, December 10, 2009


so been thinking.. its about that time NS should give it all up(ok maybe someof it).. head to the kitchen.. lock the door and throw the keys away... atleast for sometime.. until we have learnt a new dish.. can offer more spicesss and can cook up a bigger storm... i dont know.. maybe its just me talkin crazy or plannin for a bigger and better tomorrow..

ns still loves u...

Disclaimer.. NS is here to stay we have 14 more centuries and 63yrs left to reign.. so its still OG status from here on... Back in the kitchen

remeber we r still in thecomeup collection

Monday, December 7, 2009

almost emotional but still OG status

well i just write the blogs sometimes.. dont really go back to old post.. but something made me go back to dec 2006.. and all i can say is wow... ns is moving along slowly but surely and without u ns will just be ns..

so do u see y we now love u more.. and we will always love u more...

ns all day 1463 days a yr.. much love and a big wet kiss.. ( even homo sef lol) u r makin this journey worth it...

much love..

ns loves u more.. and we will make u proud and wont disappoint

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Victor The Curator of Art


My name is Victor Ehikhamenor. I am a writer, artist, photographer and entrepreneur. I am what you may call “idea illuminator”, you give me your idea and i put some light and make it shine for you. I am currently the creative director of NEXT newspapers, publishers of NEXT daily, NEXT on Sunday and elan magazine. I also own a concept & design firm both here in Lagos and in the States.
I usually don’t make that kind of long projection. I allow room for surprises. As you can see, such long projections don’t even make sense in the current world we live in. Look at the world economic crisis we are just recovering from, most financial institutions spent millions of dollars in such future telling and everything went south.
I have fun doing it, or else I wouldn’t spend so much time doing it.

There is no short cut to real peaceful success, except hard work, tenacity and honesty.
I have made many, I can’t single out one in particular or maybe I should say to pursue education to the fullest.


We are in this together!

That I can do a back flip with my eyes closed

I did logic and critical thinking in year two at Edo State University(now Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma), so I won’t fall for this trick question

Pray, paint, write pidgin blog, call family members, hang out with friends, visit art galleries/museums

God, family and friends.

Open my eyes

Close from work early and hang out with my friend Toni Kan, shooting breeze and talking literature
dbanj – he is creatively energetic
I had coffee

Yeah, home brews Starbucks

Both, it depends

I love Nigeria, I wont lie.


Friday, December 4, 2009

on the hush hush tip

Is it Heritage.. Propaganda .... Romance or the underdog Kissing the sky?

hmmmmmm ( scratching head)

much love ..

ns still loves u more...