Wednesday, March 31, 2010

riches upon my wildest imagination


Your payment file was forwarded To my office by the auditors as unclaimed fund, we wish to use this medium to inform you that for the time being, Federal Government of Nigeria have stopped further payment through bank to bank transfer, payment by draft.due to foreign beneficiary numerous petitions to United Nations, FBI, CIA and International Criminal Investigation against Nigeria on wrong payment and diversion of foreign funds to different accounts.

Please confirm this information. Did you ask MR Edmond Lash Beneker from USA to claim your funds? Please with matter of urgency get back to me immediately before things will go wrong.He is trying to pay all the charges about your funds and claim your funds.Please your urgent confirmation is highly needed now before things get spoilt,and please if you know that you never instructed him kindly get back to us now.
Please Kindly Forward Your;

*Full Name:
*Direct Telephone/Cell Number:
*Scan Copy of A legal Identity

REF/PAYMENTS CODE: FMF/06654 $3,000,000.00 USD.

NOTE:However,your contact information reflects on public records as contained on government information service Gazettes and whoever appear on the public record is relatively Credible.On this faithful recommendations, we want you to know that during the last U.N. meetings held at New York, United States, it was alarming on the money lost by various individuals to the scams artists operating in syndicates all over the world today. In other to compensate victims, the UNITED NATIONS Body is paying you $3,000,000.00 USD in accordance with the UNITED NATIONS recommendations. Due to the corrupt and inefficient Banking Systems in Nigeria, the payments are to be paid by Federal Ministry of Finance,Nigeria as corresponding paying bank under funding assistance by EUROPEAN UNION and UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

Dr. Dan Mobutu.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some things u just wonder

so i walked into my kitchen n saw a cockroach on the floor.. so i made a side comment to my self along the lines of u will die today ... where is my raid.. a pity the fool didnt hear me speak.. was just there lookin at me like.. maybe if i play dead he will walk away..

dude forget that na OG status we dey for ns.. so i gently walked to the storage and got my weapon of choice a raid.. i painted my face with charcoal to make sure ur man was camouflage and this intruder wont even see what hit him..

so i moved closer and let the raid fly.. sprayed enough to make sure it was a nasty hit.. so the little bitch (lol) ran for its dear life but i followed it n shot it a few more times.. then i decided to see how long it will take to kick the bucket. not that i enjoyed watchin it.. i definitely didnt and i probably need to see a shrink now but the roach struggled violently to survive. kept on runnin around and eventually got on its back and i can swear i saw it gaspin for air... so now it brought me to the question.. how does raid work. .. u know we use this it works.. but how does it work.. its not like a silent killer that first it put the insects to sleep n kills them quietly... nope.. its usually violent n the insects struggle n try in survive...

now based on what happened to today in the kitchen i think raid should be banned. definitely not a humane way to kill anything.. i just imagined a big giant literally suffocatin me with a plastic bag n i said that aint cool.. so the future scientist of tomorrow we need a new way of kllin them bugs without hurtin them :)... little contracdiction.. we want to kill em.. but dont let them feel anything okkkk.

big shame..

completely random post

Some pictures from London

Photography by Kayode Adegbola.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

keepin it OG

me n my emotional self.. yeap... just stumbled on a few new t-shirt comps coming up.. they aint got nothing on ns.. cuz u know we get it in.. and been handling our bness since 1463.. but it still gets at me sha..

much love tho... the hustle only gets better.

ns all day baby... cant be stopped...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

as the wheels turn

we remain the truth... 1463 times per sec...
we will still love u more... i promise

Monday, March 8, 2010

when u set them free

ok for one i cant find my 5 yr old camera.. kinda sucks.. but for a while i have been feelin sorry for the parakeets we had in the store. not sure havin any animal caged and eating pretty much the same thing daily is anyway to treat anything breathing.. so for a while i had been contemplatin settin them free.. but then i wasnt sure what kinda life was awaiting them.. u know it’s like. will they be welcomed on the streets of lagos? and i really didnt want them to hit the streets doing illegal stuff and get caught up again in the system .. u know how it is with parakeets.. can’t seem to get themselves out of jail.. meant prison... meant cage...

so it so happens that the pair had been plannin their escape for a while. U know they were doing close to a 2 yr bid i could swear i had seen them do beak pull ups.. a few push up and they were definitely flappin their wings simulating flight.. little did i know that they were up to something huge....

so this early monday mornin of the 8th march 1463. the cage was regularly being cleaned and food and water replaced and all of a sudden i heard some ruckus, the bird had given my store guy an upper cut and whopped his ass black belt style..

ok ok ok back to reality .. same date. same time.. as they were about to clean the cage.. One flew out into the store. and i was like ok... lets see whats goin to happen.. Usually we send the dogs on them sniff em out ..Lock up.. give em more time and put them in solitary confinement.. I wasnt even goin to be lenient on the escapee u have to set an example…NS dont play that.. we dont tolerate any disobedience,. no room for uprising...

Anyway back to my story. so the bird got out as the cage was being cleaned.. store guy went after it a few times and i said to myself.. free these birds jo... they have served enough time in the pen... plus their family/ mistresses or even baby mama may still be out there lookin for them.. u just never know

so now i freed them .. so my question now is what happens next?

does the male run out and spread its seed and not come back to a life of crime u know being locked up with one bird for close to 2 yrs might be torture in itself

or would it go out and join forces with other escapees or other tortured inmates and plan ways to get back at us humans

or would it do odd jobs and blame the man for destroyin its life.

all these thoughts.. i need to get back to work.. but u can imagine a whole lot options a freed bird has now... hopefully it doesnt end up in food to a prey or back in a cage somewhere..

ns setting suckaz free. since 1463