Sunday, August 29, 2010

Istanbul in 5 days

hmmm so i dont even know where to begin.. as i have been whoring myself out to the highest bidder i found myself making a trip to turkey the land of damars, tea, kebabs and original fakes

My trip was initially scheduled for 8 days but i pulled a superman and got out on my 5th day.. maybe one day over tea i can share with yall the story but my friend this is as impulsive as u may ever see me.

5 days 3 hotels countless teas enough cab rides enough second hand smoke n more than enough language barriers.

overall a solid trip and istanbul is def rich in culture and tradition.

Blue Mosque in the European section of istanbul( well not sure anymore but i think its the blue mosque sha)

First hotel. funny thing is pretty much every 4th building was a hotel in this area real old city like. this is the view from the dining area on the terrace. spent 1 night here and then moved to the asian section

this is where all the magic happens. :). ok not so much magic but breakfast. kinda romantic tho( sucker for romance)

second hotel. I just had to take this picture. I have never been to china but i cant imagine it worse than turkey. english seemed to be a major problem. i mean i have traveled just a bit. and i have never felt so lost. atleast in the area we were english was almost extinct
(how much will it cost for the hotel to do spell check?)

the other thing i noticed is everything was smaller here and we walked around a lot. no way can u get fat here. plus my first hotel the bed was decent. the second and the 3rd u might as well put me in prison. i couldnt even turn on the bed without the reality of fallin off the bed.

MASSIVE MALL. i felt lost in here but sadly i walked around and wasnt too impressed with the selection of stores. i guess i am used to the american way.. but def a massive shopping experience and in the words of nobody zara is homo.. i went in thinking i need to get jeans..but their jeans runs small as in in small i even thot about buyin a size up and it still didnt fit. :(

we ate chinese buffet. :( well i pretty much will eat anything but i think panda express will give it a run for its money. and panda express is not too far from wack.. i guess its turkey and its mall food. but the kebabs were on point. i easily ate it every day i was there twice some days.

They had some exhibition there. i wont say much but war sucks and i understand the military is needed but u never really see the other side. they had kids flyin helicopter simulation but i will bet it with u the simulation definitely didnt have a "crash option" might scar the kids for life

window shopping. well i havent been to a pet store before but was interesting to see pets like this on display

no clue whats this is called but i ate it and would have loved it more but i probably had already eaten 2 kebabs before this

no matter where you go u will find a nigerian kitchen

i dream in colors........
they love tea n sugar. the standard servin was 2 cubes of sugar for that small baby cup

Thats all folks... now its all in their hands.. so lets keep fingers crossed and keep it OG ( this will make sense later)

Much love n we will always love u more......

Monday, August 16, 2010

moment of weakness

love defined or define love.

Define love

Love in 1463 words will be simplified as love
So indeed I loved…. Like I always dooooo
This time love showed me love
And she came not as a thief in the night
But an assassin in the day
She wagered for my heart
N threatened my life
If I didn’t dedicate my breath to her…….
She’d curse me for 1463 centuries…..
So I opened my sony comp…
Played clair de lune by Debussy.. or was in moonlight sonata by beethoven
And almost started cryin…
But ur nigga was og.. indeed og I tell u

Then I told her…
My dear
If she wanted my heart.. it was hers for the taking
For once when i loved ..
For when I once luvvvvvved…

Deep sigh hmmm

It took all I had
so now I am as empty as 1463 promises.
Cant even claim a servant of amore
More like the apprentice of a con man..
Oh !!!!how I yearned for the moments of my past
Then a loyal servant I was..
N dedicated all in the name of love
Now OG in my ways..
Lost in the paper chase
Lost in las gidi…

She understood…
Saw the sorrows in this mans eyes..
So she began to sing
Songs to the moon by rusulka
I almost quote
‘ yes u once loved.. and yes …..ur heart was broken.. but remember
U lived like there wasn’t a tomorrow…
and when tomorrow came
U praised the gods for giving u yet another chance to love..
to love recklessly
To love unfettered..
To love like never before
yes she broke u in 1463 places…
but u became more whole than u ever were…
so why linger in such sorrow… u were more alive then than u r now
To love is to suffer.. for its and abyss one falls into and the more u struggle the slower u fall
But surely the deeper u fall.. and the more alone u become….
But remember
She brought u into the hands of ur master.. and he breathe life into u.
Said my child.. fight this love not… ur heart desires will one day be granted

I became moved…
Turned into the bitch (lol) I thot I wasn’t
So I cried .. for she knew deep inside
This man was lost..
His soul Trapped in body n his soul begging to fly
begging to preach what his heart desires.
beggin to kiss the sky like kanye
Fly beyond the sky
To the 1463 chamber of the heavens…
Yes tis for the god of love he was once a servant
A loving master..
took him under his arms and showed him the ways of love.
Fuck that I said.. love never got me nothing..The pieces of my heart still lye in that painting I almost drew, the poem i almost wrote..
And she appeared once again… dressed in white robe
Wit ass for days….
I quote..
Vide cor meum (hannibal/dante)
She took my heart in her hands
And took a bite out of it.
Tasted like chicken
And this is where I stop before I ..............

most of u wont get the references i made in this piece... not sure if i should give u the story behind it...

the few that know me.. may understand where its coming from....

ns is still Gangsta... and my mushiness or occasional bitchassness i guaranteee u doesnt affect the quality of work we put out.. ns loves u more

and remember to keep it a solid OG

Tuesday, August 10, 2010