Monday, April 19, 2010

true story

today has actually been a tryin day for me.. i might be having migranes or maybe just stress headache and to top it off some moron hit my car and had the balls to curse me out..

the grill commissioned by the chef in me.. me woman aint feelin it tho.. i promise u babes will get u a top notch stove in the next 1463 days

the highlight of my day

i am at this restaurant (if u can call it that.) n was asking for a diet drink coke or pepsi., dude is like they have coke, i say is it diet coke he says no but he can put lemon inside...

BB Dump or Pic Blog

Almost styling but not as fresh as wearin anything NS

Everything has a price.. abi bayooooooooo

he is thinking .. should i or shouldnt i?

i guess he made the right decision

This was during the snow storm in feb.. pretty crazy experience

shegs baba

Nobody stronger than us... The Pharaoh

Baddest chef.. pls dont let the pic fool u.. my pizza still needs some work.. but a few more attempts.. i will def. perfect a solid dough n the rest is history.. and thats a strombolli (sp) .. u know how its done. OG STATUS

The Plan B.. coming to a plate near u..

well in my quest to come up with the perfect bbq sauce i obviously have to grill so i make time after work

AJ bringing a blinged out fela tee.. quite impressive.. ideas running wild now.

All Black OG STATUS....

Ns loves u more..

lolol lets see what the world has to say.. but in the words of kanye.. laa laaa lala wait till i get my money right.. la laaa lala then u cant tell me nothing... :) ok i am a little playful today

nice tailoring


The Flagship store. aint she pretty...

I believe..

Meagan looking stunning


wedding over the wkend...

Stress over the wkend

Solution over the wkend :(
Ok i think i may have cleaned up my bb pic folder now....
much love and we will 4eva love u more..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a little MIA from nigeria

well its all good here, still making a few steps in the right direction n tryin to make use NS has the best foundation good sweat and love can buy.

we are back in the kitchen.. actually been back there for a minute and we are tryin to see how soon we can change this to the next level for you guys.. we are gunning for the GLORY 1463 times a day

much love and ns will always love u more..

stull cant find my cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Chris Aire NS Connection... Next day/ More Photos

A few more picture from the Show and the next day. I had to go meet up with Chris the next and we ran into some of the models including Tyson who turns out to have such a great personality. We spent about 3 hours in the hotel chilling and talking. We tried to get a hold of the Mo Hits crew but no one could get thru. Did not get a chance to see them... Its all good tho. Anyway, enjoy the pictures...
model didi n Dbanj

Myself, Ron and Edy. Ron (actually Ron #1...he has a twin) designed all the mens pieces on the runway. we had fun with him, great dude! His clothing line is called Ron-n-Ron, based in NY.

Showboy was in the house too; working with NTA. I respect his hustle!!

This was a gift for Tyson

That's what a N1,000,000 watch would do to you. The watch was HOT!

Tyson tryin on the watch while we all watched in Hopefully in a few years i would be able to afford one of them watches...

Looks good

Edy had to try it on

This dude is Gorgeous...Yeah Tolulope i said it!!!

Hanging with ugbonna (on rite) and his lil bro....funny thing is he has been an NS fun for a while so it was nice to meet him there.

me, tyson, didi

We were talking about which car we would buy; a Rolls Royce or Maybach....lolol. Imagine that! Then we talked about MJ and Tyson was tellin us about his trips to Nigeria.

the models with Joe

Thursday, April 8, 2010

THE CHRIS AIRE FASHION SHOW (and the NS1463 connection)

before i begin, may i say that words can not describe how Amazing the show was. It was an experience for me...

So i get a call from Chris Aire telling me that he needed some shirts for his Hollywood Glamour Collection show (Nigerian Gold and gemstones)...did not know we had gold/gemstones in naija, but that's a diff story. So I say yes but only had two weeks to come up with a design, get it approved, print the shirts, package them, buy a buy ticket to LA and get there on time. But NS came thru with flying colors hommie! lol
Fast forward two weeks later i am in LA now; go to meet up with chris, show him the shirts which he loves but i also find out that the design we did was used on the cover of the event booklet. Loving that!!! I head back home to get some rest for the show the next day.

next day we arrive at the beverly hills hotel at 8pm, get into the reception area and it was SOOO cool. celebrities everywhere from the host of the shows Cedric and Andrien Brody to - Eva Marcille (my , Jermaine jackson, Melyssa Ford, Gary Peyton, Tank, Dbanj, Tracee Ellis Ross to name only a few...
Doors open up at 9pm and the show starts with a presention of Nigeria's Gold and Gemstones and then a speech by Honorable Minister Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke which blew me away. She so represented Nigeria I was proud to say i was from Nigeria.... anyway, they were performanes by R&B singer Tank and DBANJ. (Tank was a late replacement for Robin Thicke whose wife just had a baby). Dbanj killed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/4 of the people had no clue what he was sayin but at least they knew he was upper body endowed, lower body endowed, his pocket is endowed, and his car is

After the performances, then the runway show; and then we headed upstairs to have some more fun.... enjoy the pictures

The red carpet

Cedrick the Entertainer


Dbanj: swagger endowed for real!

Tank did well too

Fell in love with the model on the left (Jessica)...she had some exaggerated catwalk that made u want to say " you go gal!' lol , Anyway, check out that necklace on the model in the middle.

Tyson and some of the male models doing their thing.

I loved that dress. Stole the show!


Chris Aire thanking everyone for coming out. He was honored by the City of LA too!

Melyssa Ford and Wande Coal

Myself and Chris
(i have known him for a lil while and this was our first picture together)

Chris rocking the shirts NS designed for the show.

Hanging with Wande, Edy and Dbanj

Mrs. Aire on the left

On left: Me with didi
rite: Edy with Jimmy Jean-Louis

The Party room

on left: Models didi and uduak
rite: One of the male models

Edy and I with Joe one of the organizers. One of the coolest guys

The Dj rocking the Shirt

Dude from the blind side Quinton Aaron checking out the shirt. Not sure what i was explaining

long story... think i was tellin her about my mansions in Calabar! lolol
more pic soon.....