Monday, April 19, 2010

BB Dump or Pic Blog

Almost styling but not as fresh as wearin anything NS

Everything has a price.. abi bayooooooooo

he is thinking .. should i or shouldnt i?

i guess he made the right decision

This was during the snow storm in feb.. pretty crazy experience

shegs baba

Nobody stronger than us... The Pharaoh

Baddest chef.. pls dont let the pic fool u.. my pizza still needs some work.. but a few more attempts.. i will def. perfect a solid dough n the rest is history.. and thats a strombolli (sp) .. u know how its done. OG STATUS

The Plan B.. coming to a plate near u..

well in my quest to come up with the perfect bbq sauce i obviously have to grill so i make time after work

AJ bringing a blinged out fela tee.. quite impressive.. ideas running wild now.

All Black OG STATUS....

Ns loves u more..

lolol lets see what the world has to say.. but in the words of kanye.. laa laaa lala wait till i get my money right.. la laaa lala then u cant tell me nothing... :) ok i am a little playful today

nice tailoring


The Flagship store. aint she pretty...

I believe..

Meagan looking stunning


wedding over the wkend...

Stress over the wkend

Solution over the wkend :(
Ok i think i may have cleaned up my bb pic folder now....
much love and we will 4eva love u more..