Monday, April 25, 2011

All teary eyes

not that we dont deserve the love but the journey has been and is still a whole lotta roller coaster rides but when u get feed back at 11pm at night or text messages from u telling us how much you love the tees or you want the same thing same color cuz u want the tee to last forever i mean thats enough to make a grown man cry...

We seriously love the feedback . Love the support and without you ns is really nothing . Yall make it fun

ns loves you more..

n yeah i am all mushy



He got his own Gatorade commercial too!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Art :)

Artist- Craig Tracy
check out more of his work at

Thursday, April 21, 2011

some times u have to bite the bullet

so much i'd like to share.. but i am afraid if i do.. i might mess up real bad and offend ppl i shouldn't really care about.. but there really is so much to speak on but somehow the society has a way of curbing free speech of if u do then the other forms of mafia out there will come after u..

I have been in lagos for like 3 going on 4 yrs, its like a slippery slope the more u try fighting it, the deeper u fall into it.. and the few times i want to scream and say whats wrong with you people.. i might end up being the crazy one..

anyway for the record. as cool as lagos is.. folks are losing their heads. too much fluff .. its like the blind leading the blind . i am sure it will eventually correct itself at least i hope but a part of me is thinking hmmm.. too much hype... and fake folks... its like nothing is really what it is.. and the worst part is they are believing their own BS...

hope i didnt say too much sha..obviously there are folks that really keep it real , i meet them daily at the store.. but we are a minority.

folks pls keep it real and noone cares about what u want to be.. we care about who u r now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fela! in Lagos!

Make sure you catch Fela! on broadway at the Expo center in Lagos. Most importantly make sure you wear your NS shirt to the show!

for tickets and more info about the show the go to

NS Loves you more...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waka Flocka Baby

Nature At It's Best:

The Battle at Kruger & The Sardine Run

I think this is the real definition of rolling deep! I assume that buffalo was probably the king's son

these poor little sardins never had chance...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Love & Peace

So this hit a little too close to home for me..
RIP to those who died in Sokoto, Kano and all the Nigerian states where people lost their lives. Love & Peace is what we need.
Love & Peace to you and yours.


Don't be afraid to invest in any African country regardless of the obstacles. Now is the time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Art via one hammer and thousands of nails

Check out the artist's website here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some times finishing last means coming in first

.....and Visa eventually made a commercial out of it

Monday, April 11, 2011

NS Heritage+Fela Mini Collection

Mic check 1 4 6 3, is this thing on? can we get a YEAH YEAH! So you know we had to celebrate Fela! On Broadway coming to Lagos this month, plus we decided to hit you up with a little preview of the Heritage collection coming out this summer. NS loves you more...

check out the behind the scenes pictures here

Sunday, April 10, 2011

MondayInterviews: Pikaboo, I Z you!

Knock knock... who is there?... Z!....... Z who?...... Z one and only Zaina Riech of course!
So we are taking you to the east coast Africa, Zaina is talented young designer passionate about her work, plus she has her own talk show too!

Zaina Riech

Zaina Riech is a 22 Ugandan talented fashion designer living in the U.k. I have always had passion 4 fashion since the age of 13, I was able to explore and develop these qualities further while designing for theatre plays and putting on shows with friends and family. I am currently studying a degree in printed textiles.

D-Zaina clothing has a lot of preparation to do in the coming years. Opening stores and showcasing on Africa fashion weeks we can only expect bigger and greater things to come

When I see an individual wearing my work and without a question asked, others are able to know that’s D-Zaina’s art. I love that.

A lesson learnt was that not everyone is a well wisher and not every customer is buying your product out of love. Others buy your product so they can criticize and but whatever the case there is always a uniqueness about each ones art that soon enough they will realize they can’t do what u do.

While I was younger I had a to choose between performing arts and fashion… but I made a greater designer than I ever could be a performer.

No I have a 10pm -4 am usually. (giggles...)

Yeah best boss lady around. (me)

I wish people knew that I'm a soft heart and not a cold blooded bitch that is expected of all designers to be :)

I'm going large. Lols size 12 #lets go

Slowly becoming a shoe addict.

Go jogging

Working in the print rooms

Reading my bible

Talking to my lovely aunt jane

Staring at the ceiling


My bed heater



It could sound unbelievable, but I always say thank God and good morning… (pray)

Good Friday is a meal out with friends or staying in with mum and my aunts…best women to have around.


Puff puff… they gave them out after church.

Oh yes…

Order in

Don’t remember

By changing me 1st .......... being an example is always a solution.

Nite nite