Sunday, April 10, 2011

MondayInterviews: Pikaboo, I Z you!

Knock knock... who is there?... Z!....... Z who?...... Z one and only Zaina Riech of course!
So we are taking you to the east coast Africa, Zaina is talented young designer passionate about her work, plus she has her own talk show too!

Zaina Riech

Zaina Riech is a 22 Ugandan talented fashion designer living in the U.k. I have always had passion 4 fashion since the age of 13, I was able to explore and develop these qualities further while designing for theatre plays and putting on shows with friends and family. I am currently studying a degree in printed textiles.

D-Zaina clothing has a lot of preparation to do in the coming years. Opening stores and showcasing on Africa fashion weeks we can only expect bigger and greater things to come

When I see an individual wearing my work and without a question asked, others are able to know that’s D-Zaina’s art. I love that.

A lesson learnt was that not everyone is a well wisher and not every customer is buying your product out of love. Others buy your product so they can criticize and but whatever the case there is always a uniqueness about each ones art that soon enough they will realize they can’t do what u do.

While I was younger I had a to choose between performing arts and fashion… but I made a greater designer than I ever could be a performer.

No I have a 10pm -4 am usually. (giggles...)

Yeah best boss lady around. (me)

I wish people knew that I'm a soft heart and not a cold blooded bitch that is expected of all designers to be :)

I'm going large. Lols size 12 #lets go

Slowly becoming a shoe addict.

Go jogging

Working in the print rooms

Reading my bible

Talking to my lovely aunt jane

Staring at the ceiling


My bed heater



It could sound unbelievable, but I always say thank God and good morning… (pray)

Good Friday is a meal out with friends or staying in with mum and my aunts…best women to have around.


Puff puff… they gave them out after church.

Oh yes…

Order in

Don’t remember

By changing me 1st .......... being an example is always a solution.

Nite nite