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Does That Make Me Crazy? Living With Bipolar II

(Excerpt from www.xojane.com)

I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder at the age of 27. Living with a mental illness is a study in survival. Every day, every emotion is questioned. What is this? Am I happy or am I starting to head towards mania?

In December, I launched a global non-profit organization called The Siwe Project. It was named for Siwe Monsanto, the 15 year-old daughter of a good friend.

I’d known Siwe since she was 4 years old so I was aware of her ups and downs. But, it still came as a shock when in June 2011, she took her own life.

As a black woman, I understood the stigmas and shame that come with mental illness. I know that all cultures have issues dealing with and understanding mental illness, but I also know that the global black community has specific ways of dealing with illness, in that, we rarely deal with it. If at all.

Siwe was lucky to have an amazing mother who dedicated her life to helping her daughter but many aren’t so fortunate. The Siwe Project was born out of a need to help people like Siwe have a place to begin the conversation and tell their own stories.

My reasons for taking on this endeavor were also selfish, I needed a place to feel a sense of community as I manage my own illness. I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder at the age of 27. I’d struggled for most of my life trying to understand who I was and why I couldn’t ever seem to get it together.

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when xmas comes again :) yippie

PSA for all Nigerians

"Def not a revolutionary nor a soldier more like a coward."

So i woke up to the news that the government has re-introduced the subsidy not at the initial rate of N65 or the deregulated rate at N141 , they have pegged it at N97, and the so called revolutionary leaders of the people have called off the strike and the federal government to show signs of peace deployed soldiers to the major cities.

For a second i thought of sending out a BB broadcast venting but decided to calm down and bite this bullet. So now i am calm :) Just thought i'd inform my fellow nigerians all around the world


maybe its time we love her less.

The false lies, false prophets, false Government, false leaders, false hope, enough pain and few changes.

There is absolutely no better time than today to continue the uprising. The fuel subsidy issue should only be a point in the LIST of complaints we the people have against NIGERIA and not the FOCAL point.

call me Radical but NIGERIA must bleed and the blood must come from the TOP

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Benz G

Fela Resurrects for #OccupyNigeria

Fela would be smiling in his grave. Also, Dede wearing the Ns Fela Warhol Tee @ the 1 min 19 seconds mark.

My love

folks keep sleeping on the truth


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stolen quote

" this song makes me miss everything i ever loved" unknown-

wish i had said it tho

Gangsta Gangsta

Actually like the flow.

no comment for now...

Davidoo - Dami Duro

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10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman

Saw this on Bex's facebook page. Pretty deep

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Africa Today Show #14

Funny as shit but true!

King Henry Returns

<a href='http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=cd28e29c-0f75-42a1-a360-30aa409899ce&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Thierry Henry makes his mark' >Video: Thierry Henry makes his mark</a>

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This shit isn't even fair

(via fuckyeahthebetterlife)

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What Would Fela Say/Do?

My fellow Nigerian's, today say this to yourself, "What would Fela do?"


Its pretty sad to see how the Nigerian government has been toiling with our hearts, safety, standard of living, health, stability, peace, unity, and our overall well being for many many years. But, the beautiful thing is that we as the people are coming together fighting for injustice, fighting for our rights, and fighting for our well being. We are uniting and we are enlightening ourselves. This is powerful.

As we continue to stand up for our rights I encourage you all to:

1- read and disseminate information
2- to not just comment, but to act
3- to never give up on the truth, fight for it and never deny it
4- and to help and love your neighbors

Here are some pictures and a link to a very insightful article I read the other day

Africa Today Show #13

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