Wednesday, October 29, 2008

well u cant call it robbery?

now tell me if it has no price tag on it doesnt that mean the price is the max the buyer is willing to forgo or the least the seller is willing to letgo of his goods.. MADNESS. infact i know i am always at the wrong end of the bargaining.. damn u western world for making me so stupid blah blah :) well maybe i am not stupid just charitable. :)

perfect scenario.. i go to price 20ft one inch metal pipe. now i had a crazy idea to make it into a rack, so this guy tells me the price is 4500 naira but his last price is 4300, he is like the pipes are imported plus dorable plus for what i needed to do .. this pipe will hold up .. i am like whuteva lets get on with it.. so i left the place after payin addtional 2k on some elbows and t's for the pipe at this point i am feelin quite sexy with myself thinking.. yeap i am gettin a deal and not only that i am going to have a banging store fixture..

"something was like call the plumbers number ur pops gave you" so i call and the dude was like his last price for the same pipe was 2200. now if u know what last price means.. it means u can bargain a little bit more lololol.. now this means the dude i just got the pipe from just charged me 2100 more .. now i really cant get mad eventho a part of me is saying wtf is up with these ppl.. whats the big deal in having a true costing structure plus a reasonable mark up amount. but nooo.. they are all lookin for mugus that they can pull a real fast one on

anyway that was that.. but the robbery continues.. but no wahala.. ns is just paying its dues and bleeding from the bank. but its all good.. and its all for the love we get from u..

Ok the pic sequence is backwards but u will forgive me this time again.. i am too lazy to fix it

NS aint goin no where.. we are carved in wood. we will aim for stone next. lol

we finally carpeted the little platform. this one is also another story.. not only did i get robbed i forgot my change of about 500 naira and God forbid the woman reminds me of my change oh yeah and Taiwo the interior guy delivered some store fixtures

isnt she pretty. Ns is def going to do it nice in lagos.. first of its kind and mark my words none will ever come close.. NS is def. the truth which ever way u want to lie about it. and we love u more

Mr. T bottom right. impressive work at a good price..

Uncle tokunbo top left at his factory in Ibadan. he def brought the SP out. impressive machine.
thats all folks..
much love and ns loves u more all day 24/7

Saturday, October 25, 2008

almost random

it must have been last wk, i was walkin thru the shopping complex and look who i found. Tinu.. was i shocked. tinu i guess u can say is an old friend of NS.. she def put our name out there and gave us the opportunity to work for a handful of redeem churches in md.. well that was when we were still corporate whoring lolololol i am toooo funny. well that was back then when we were contract printing for businesses.. but i am not sure i am cut out for it anymore.. anyway so i me]et her and her friend funmi who has a boutique in the complex.. cool chic and a super clean store...

PSA.. ns is officially crossing over and its sweet.. u know how u think ur brand is for a specific target group.. well i have been proven wrong... mothers love ns too... and u know ns loves them toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

ns loves u all.. thanks for making this pleasant as the day goes by....

Monday, October 20, 2008

More from the shrine

So the event was felabration ( tribute to fela kuti @ 70). yessir and ns was in the building.. pretty much all the vices u could think about was also in there. Sex… drugs… money and music of course ns remains pg for sure…
So the build up was Mr farooq who by the way is one of the reasons NS is in lagos.. maybe one day I will fill u in on that relationship.. anyway he calls me from his trip to london and says felabration is this wk and do I have tees that can be pushed.. I am like hell yeah u know still on the paper chase so he gives me dotun kutis number to call and try to organize it.. So I hit Mr Dotun up and we spoke now the plan for me was to go Friday saturday and Sunday.. u know me and my na├»ve self thinking the shrine is a place I can handle myself.. I am like ait cool no p.. I will be there on Friday.. so I called the little sounding boards I have here and everyone is like dude don’t go there by urself . by this time I am having doubts.. so I make other calls to some street smart ppl I have on my phone and they all said the same thing.. at this point I am like fuck it. It aint worth it.. ns gast to stay alive and it probably needs meJ
So that was Friday night busted.. Then farooq hits me up on sat. saying how far.. dotun said I never showed up , he said he was going there tonite.. and I am like super I will tag along.. u know at least I am not going to be there by myself and at least we will both be able to size up the situation if anything at all.

Now traffic as usual can be a problem so it took maybe like an extra hour to get there .. my first impression was like ohhhh shit… lololol… this is def not a place to set up shop.. too many rough heads . area boyz and awon amu ibo ppl.. unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the outside.. but imagine it like after a football game and everyone going to the food court in a mall. It was roudy outside and it stayed like this the whole night.. plus u could pretty much get anything outside for real..

Now let the pics speak themselves..

the afternoon before the show.. we both got our sp's on. ns is indeed the truth lol Those who know know.. Farooq is def one of the lives of ns. If u imagine ns has nine lives. Farooq probably has every shirt we have made for the past 2/3 yrs and I mean everything.. both male and female. And In probably more sizes and colors that wont make sense to regular folks.. so shout out to him for showin us unprecedented love.

not sure if one can have a VIP section in a place like the shrine.. but yea we were somewhat removed from the general population. Farooqs boy Jafar came thru rocking his Ns ringer legend tees. all classic in there own right and I got my shaft look on so becareful ns swagger on overload

oh by the way i have a crappy camera :( but it does the job. a bunch or artist performed. femi came on stage some rappers or atleast they thot they could rap.. all in all it was a great show.. sometimes prolonged but great show none the less. we got there like 9pm and we left at 5am. imagine that. and yeah shout out to the femi dancer that got all the guys attention.. great job u get 2 thumbs up from me

That man has energy he was pretty much up the entire time soakin in the vibe.. while i was dead as tired actin like the older man.. he put me to shame def

other pics from the night

one of the dumbest things i have ever seen.. so a few mins to 5 they called it a wrap.. u should have seen how ppl ran towards the exit like u had gun shots.. and to make it even worse the entrance has those merrygoround type things(lololol abi) well it has pretty much a trap system that only lets one person in at a time.. but noooo my fellow naijas didnt care they all rushed it and packed itlike sardines.. hilarious scene. a few fights almost broke out but i am sure some fools got jacked

father of the yr. bringin his little son to the shrine where everyone got high.

now what amazed me was how weed was like buyin water.. everyone smoked.. the workers the security the cleaners..literally weed was everywhere and it wasnt like u had to find dealers or sneak out to get it.. it was everywhere.. well it aint my thing but i never thot i'd see so much weed smokers in one place lololol girls guys boys men women. they all lit one.

well not sure i know what is to get high but i damn sure came close to it.. the air was probably more weed smoke that O2 lolol well maybe not but u get my drift..

much love and ns loves u more

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pics coming soon.. NS was at the shrine.. and there was weeeeeeed everywhere...fela definitely lives on.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thats Good Business

things are moving along in the shop... we have gotten some good compliments on the color choices which is def a good start. the past few days i have been sitting at the shop pretty much the entire day from when the workers get there till when they leave. I not only enjoy the process of watching them create something i have become so passionate about, but also TIA/TIN u have to be there to monitor things otherwise u will get screwed..

enjoy the pics

Ns loves u more

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

dedication.. the prelude..

[Intro: snippets of Eddie in "Super Fly"]

You know, you've got this.. fantasy in your head about
getting outta the life and, setting the corporate world on its ear
What the FUCK you gonna do except hustle?
Besides pimpin... you really ain't got the stomach for that

[Jay-Z]The game's fucked up
Nigga's beats is banging, nigga your hooks did it
Your lyrics didn't and your gangster look did it
So I would write it if y'all could get it
Being intricate'll get you wood, critic
On the Internet, they like you should spit it
I'm like you should buy it, nigga that's good business
Hehe, forget this rap shit I need a new hustle
A little bit of everything, the new improved Russell
I say that reluctantly cause I do struggle
As you see I can't leave so I do love you
But I'm just a hustler disguised as a rapper
In fact you can't fit this hustle inside of a wrapper
Back when crack was
What these pills are, I was a real star
Complete with real, cars, no video ones
You can come and set up a camera, let the video run
And my real life, complete with real, ice
VVS boulders oh they're visibly set
Head and shoulders, my invisible neck
You see Hova, wasn't digital yet
Befo' Steve Jobs, made the iPod
Was getting head, jobs, we call that intimate
Back when rappers wouldn't dare play lyrical roulette
With a automatic weapon I was rapping with a tec
(Fresh) like (Mannie) be, chain like anti-freeze
Shoebox full of cash, dealer man hand me ki's
Pantries full of Arm & Hammer, don't take Nancy Drew to seewhat it do,
I'm a damn G
Just sent a million dollars through a hands free
That's big money talk, can you answer me?
Before the answer was a 3
I was down in Georgetown with a Hoya chick, lawyer chick
Sure he's rich now cause he saw the shit, all this shit
That's why they call him Hov', cause he came before all this shit
Bought a 6, quarter seven, skipped on them quarter eights
Bought a 9 for non-stop glock work all the timeWoo!
Guess who's back?Since this is a new era, got a fresh new hat
Ten year veteran, I've been set
I've been through with this bullshit game but I never quit
I used to think rapping at 38 was ill
But last year alone I grossed 38 mill'
I know I ain't quite 38 but still
The flow so (Special) got a (38) feelThe real is back, hehehehe

the power of the internet.. my ipod has this on repeat.. just thot i'd share it wit u...


yeap.. so its one of those days.. not sure i should be blogging or better not sure i should tell u how suckky my day has been.... or how i have a short fuse and i am waitin for someone to just push me so i can take out my frustration out on them..muhahahah thats my evil laugh..

anyway the lesson of today is never chase money.. lesson 2 is never force it and lesson 3 is follow ur gut feeling.. well today i broke all my own rules.. its not like i forgot them... i was just on the paper chase and i got slapped played and even pimped :( .. its MIAMI.. for me now.. u know the bank is low... the shop is movin along.. the pressure is building.. ppl are taking... ppl are scheming... u know i keep thinkin i am more like a fish out on ice.. its not even water anymore.. but i am a soldier.. difficulty increases the nearer we reach our goals.. atleast thats what i am hoping..

and i will like to give a big shout out to everyone that gave me inflated prices on everything... great job guys.. well the least is continuing.. TIA/TIN... baby.

ns loves u more...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

crackberry and the times

so i decided to share with u some pics on my phone.. well maybe the ones i can share .. wink wink... well its not even like that.. i am always pg.. cuz u know over here at NS we consider ourselves family friendly.. u know dudes u can take home to mommy and daddy and ur parents will say hmmmm (put ur name in here.. assuming u r a girl actually hoping u r a girl.. cuz in the words of fb.. no homo lolol) good catch..

anyway enjoy the pics.. crackberry times

well this was my lunch today.. i found a new spot in the shopping complex called mama put.. and the price aint bad.. i just hope my stomach can take it ...ate pounded yam and vegetable stew. yippie

Mr. Korede of Fusion. rocking the unknown tee.. good look..

Fusion Boutique on awolowo road. Korede runs a very clean shop.. real good look...

Ns.. confirmed

oh yeah.. i balled yesterday.. not sure i can keep it up.. my body is gettin too old for me. pretty sad.. and i think i lost my game infront of the internet :0

Beauitful scene. one thing about the court was it was huge.. crazy big.. a bunch of guys came out.. some really good ballers.. so it wasnt that bad..

well the story about this is.. the store was actaully 2 stores broken into one.. the back walls were broken but the finishing was very poor.. so we cleaned that up.. now these 2 dudes who cleaned it up were def characters that should have their own comic strip.. plus they worked very very drunk

no business like t-shirt business... a little something something from the good ppl of NS -bmore

TIA. its crazy how on the lagos/Ibadan express way u will always see some toppled trucks and some burnt up cars

this was one of the nights i went out in the states.. chuka. abdul and bassey. chillin at adams morgen.. i think the night was a flop.. but we ate some really big pizzas... lol
u should know this face by now. Jay z boyfriend lolol

As u can see the pics were not in order.. i am sure u will forgive me..
Ns loves u more

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

and it continues

waz up fam.. u know i have been tryin to pump myself up to blog more.. but i must be losing my mojo or maybe i never even had it in the first place.. things are cool.. not sure i am loving the pace.. but patience will be my virtue.. the store is coming along.. and the bank acct is def reducing.. so i am a step away from being bankrupt.... but no wahala. i am sure yall we bail me out...

i will let the pics do a little more of the talking.. one day i promise one day i will give u that ramblings u deserve.. so much left unsaid :(

and i know my parents read this blog so i wont say what it is i feel about the great dulux company.. well for one it took them 2 wks before i could get the paint i wanted and then somehow i am doing the math and realizing we are gettin raped in nigeria. i cant imagine i got duped but for these 3 paints.. 2 five liters and 1 2.5l i paid like N25k now thats like $200 plus.. now i know that aint right.. pretty much the whole nation is gettin screwed over.. even the freakin telecommunication.. thats another story. let me shut up

Mr. Taiwo Olusa handdling his business. we are workin together on the store.. pretty much bouncing ideas of him and he is def good with the wood work. so yeah blame him if the store isnt as nice as it should be.. but we shouldnt have that problem. u r in good hands

i am not friends with my clippers and its goin to get worse.i think i am going thru my rebelious stage.. long story but yeap.. i am not shaving until i am inspired... :( i want the world to see my PAINNNNNNNN lol.. i am stupid i know.. sometimes funny tho :)

vrooooooom... isnt she pretty. no free rides ok

Thats all folks and remember Ns loves u more

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Few Pics from Naija

Ns in the building.. Mr. Mo.. doin it real sweet.. courtesy of bayo... nice job

well if u googled my name u will see some artist come up.. now i have always been curious to see what it was like to actually see him. u know like some sliders thing where we cant both occupy the same space.. like what will happen for real.. well a few wks back i went to this gallery and then i see my name on the wall and this painting.. i was a little bit spooked but i convinced myself if i ever had the talent to paint. i'd kick the dudes ass in it. i am already up in this t-shirt game anyway. so he is only an imposter...

(the paintin is the one on the left side of the couch.. the staff at the gallery was sayin some shit about reproducing the paintin w/o permission so i couldnt get a really good pic)

and there it is..

This is what the store is suppose to look like..

so this morning is a public holiday. independence day. i get a call from the workers sayin they got arrested for working today... they were eventually released.. apparently there is a dumb ass rule that no laborers are not allowed in the compound on public holidays.. so i am losin one extra day.. :(

My little office. yippie

Ns shopping Bag... its official baby

Thats all folks..

Remember NS Loves u more..