Monday, October 20, 2008

More from the shrine

So the event was felabration ( tribute to fela kuti @ 70). yessir and ns was in the building.. pretty much all the vices u could think about was also in there. Sex… drugs… money and music of course ns remains pg for sure…
So the build up was Mr farooq who by the way is one of the reasons NS is in lagos.. maybe one day I will fill u in on that relationship.. anyway he calls me from his trip to london and says felabration is this wk and do I have tees that can be pushed.. I am like hell yeah u know still on the paper chase so he gives me dotun kutis number to call and try to organize it.. So I hit Mr Dotun up and we spoke now the plan for me was to go Friday saturday and Sunday.. u know me and my na├»ve self thinking the shrine is a place I can handle myself.. I am like ait cool no p.. I will be there on Friday.. so I called the little sounding boards I have here and everyone is like dude don’t go there by urself . by this time I am having doubts.. so I make other calls to some street smart ppl I have on my phone and they all said the same thing.. at this point I am like fuck it. It aint worth it.. ns gast to stay alive and it probably needs meJ
So that was Friday night busted.. Then farooq hits me up on sat. saying how far.. dotun said I never showed up , he said he was going there tonite.. and I am like super I will tag along.. u know at least I am not going to be there by myself and at least we will both be able to size up the situation if anything at all.

Now traffic as usual can be a problem so it took maybe like an extra hour to get there .. my first impression was like ohhhh shit… lololol… this is def not a place to set up shop.. too many rough heads . area boyz and awon amu ibo ppl.. unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the outside.. but imagine it like after a football game and everyone going to the food court in a mall. It was roudy outside and it stayed like this the whole night.. plus u could pretty much get anything outside for real..

Now let the pics speak themselves..

the afternoon before the show.. we both got our sp's on. ns is indeed the truth lol Those who know know.. Farooq is def one of the lives of ns. If u imagine ns has nine lives. Farooq probably has every shirt we have made for the past 2/3 yrs and I mean everything.. both male and female. And In probably more sizes and colors that wont make sense to regular folks.. so shout out to him for showin us unprecedented love.

not sure if one can have a VIP section in a place like the shrine.. but yea we were somewhat removed from the general population. Farooqs boy Jafar came thru rocking his Ns ringer legend tees. all classic in there own right and I got my shaft look on so becareful ns swagger on overload

oh by the way i have a crappy camera :( but it does the job. a bunch or artist performed. femi came on stage some rappers or atleast they thot they could rap.. all in all it was a great show.. sometimes prolonged but great show none the less. we got there like 9pm and we left at 5am. imagine that. and yeah shout out to the femi dancer that got all the guys attention.. great job u get 2 thumbs up from me

That man has energy he was pretty much up the entire time soakin in the vibe.. while i was dead as tired actin like the older man.. he put me to shame def

other pics from the night

one of the dumbest things i have ever seen.. so a few mins to 5 they called it a wrap.. u should have seen how ppl ran towards the exit like u had gun shots.. and to make it even worse the entrance has those merrygoround type things(lololol abi) well it has pretty much a trap system that only lets one person in at a time.. but noooo my fellow naijas didnt care they all rushed it and packed itlike sardines.. hilarious scene. a few fights almost broke out but i am sure some fools got jacked

father of the yr. bringin his little son to the shrine where everyone got high.

now what amazed me was how weed was like buyin water.. everyone smoked.. the workers the security the cleaners..literally weed was everywhere and it wasnt like u had to find dealers or sneak out to get it.. it was everywhere.. well it aint my thing but i never thot i'd see so much weed smokers in one place lololol girls guys boys men women. they all lit one.

well not sure i know what is to get high but i damn sure came close to it.. the air was probably more weed smoke that O2 lolol well maybe not but u get my drift..

much love and ns loves u more