Tuesday, October 14, 2008


yeap.. so its one of those days.. not sure i should be blogging or better not sure i should tell u how suckky my day has been.... or how i have a short fuse and i am waitin for someone to just push me so i can take out my frustration out on them..muhahahah thats my evil laugh..

anyway the lesson of today is never chase money.. lesson 2 is never force it and lesson 3 is follow ur gut feeling.. well today i broke all my own rules.. its not like i forgot them... i was just on the paper chase and i got slapped played and even pimped :( .. its MIAMI.. for me now.. u know the bank is low... the shop is movin along.. the pressure is building.. ppl are taking... ppl are scheming... u know i keep thinkin i am more like a fish out on ice.. its not even water anymore.. but i am a soldier.. difficulty increases the nearer we reach our goals.. atleast thats what i am hoping..

and i will like to give a big shout out to everyone that gave me inflated prices on everything... great job guys.. well the least is continuing.. TIA/TIN... baby.

ns loves u more...