Wednesday, October 8, 2008

and it continues

waz up fam.. u know i have been tryin to pump myself up to blog more.. but i must be losing my mojo or maybe i never even had it in the first place.. things are cool.. not sure i am loving the pace.. but patience will be my virtue.. the store is coming along.. and the bank acct is def reducing.. so i am a step away from being bankrupt.... but no wahala. i am sure yall we bail me out...

i will let the pics do a little more of the talking.. one day i promise one day i will give u that ramblings u deserve.. so much left unsaid :(

and i know my parents read this blog so i wont say what it is i feel about the great dulux company.. well for one it took them 2 wks before i could get the paint i wanted and then somehow i am doing the math and realizing we are gettin raped in nigeria. i cant imagine i got duped but for these 3 paints.. 2 five liters and 1 2.5l i paid like N25k now thats like $200 plus.. now i know that aint right.. pretty much the whole nation is gettin screwed over.. even the freakin telecommunication.. thats another story. let me shut up

Mr. Taiwo Olusa handdling his business. we are workin together on the store.. pretty much bouncing ideas of him and he is def good with the wood work. so yeah blame him if the store isnt as nice as it should be.. but we shouldnt have that problem. u r in good hands

i am not friends with my clippers and its goin to get worse.i think i am going thru my rebelious stage.. long story but yeap.. i am not shaving until i am inspired... :( i want the world to see my PAINNNNNNNN lol.. i am stupid i know.. sometimes funny tho :)

vrooooooom... isnt she pretty. no free rides ok

Thats all folks and remember Ns loves u more