Wednesday, October 29, 2008

well u cant call it robbery?

now tell me if it has no price tag on it doesnt that mean the price is the max the buyer is willing to forgo or the least the seller is willing to letgo of his goods.. MADNESS. infact i know i am always at the wrong end of the bargaining.. damn u western world for making me so stupid blah blah :) well maybe i am not stupid just charitable. :)

perfect scenario.. i go to price 20ft one inch metal pipe. now i had a crazy idea to make it into a rack, so this guy tells me the price is 4500 naira but his last price is 4300, he is like the pipes are imported plus dorable plus for what i needed to do .. this pipe will hold up .. i am like whuteva lets get on with it.. so i left the place after payin addtional 2k on some elbows and t's for the pipe at this point i am feelin quite sexy with myself thinking.. yeap i am gettin a deal and not only that i am going to have a banging store fixture..

"something was like call the plumbers number ur pops gave you" so i call and the dude was like his last price for the same pipe was 2200. now if u know what last price means.. it means u can bargain a little bit more lololol.. now this means the dude i just got the pipe from just charged me 2100 more .. now i really cant get mad eventho a part of me is saying wtf is up with these ppl.. whats the big deal in having a true costing structure plus a reasonable mark up amount. but nooo.. they are all lookin for mugus that they can pull a real fast one on

anyway that was that.. but the robbery continues.. but no wahala.. ns is just paying its dues and bleeding from the bank. but its all good.. and its all for the love we get from u..

Ok the pic sequence is backwards but u will forgive me this time again.. i am too lazy to fix it

NS aint goin no where.. we are carved in wood. we will aim for stone next. lol

we finally carpeted the little platform. this one is also another story.. not only did i get robbed i forgot my change of about 500 naira and God forbid the woman reminds me of my change oh yeah and Taiwo the interior guy delivered some store fixtures

isnt she pretty. Ns is def going to do it nice in lagos.. first of its kind and mark my words none will ever come close.. NS is def. the truth which ever way u want to lie about it. and we love u more

Mr. T bottom right. impressive work at a good price..

Uncle tokunbo top left at his factory in Ibadan. he def brought the SP out. impressive machine.
thats all folks..
much love and ns loves u more all day 24/7