Thursday, October 9, 2008

crackberry and the times

so i decided to share with u some pics on my phone.. well maybe the ones i can share .. wink wink... well its not even like that.. i am always pg.. cuz u know over here at NS we consider ourselves family friendly.. u know dudes u can take home to mommy and daddy and ur parents will say hmmmm (put ur name in here.. assuming u r a girl actually hoping u r a girl.. cuz in the words of fb.. no homo lolol) good catch..

anyway enjoy the pics.. crackberry times

well this was my lunch today.. i found a new spot in the shopping complex called mama put.. and the price aint bad.. i just hope my stomach can take it ...ate pounded yam and vegetable stew. yippie

Mr. Korede of Fusion. rocking the unknown tee.. good look..

Fusion Boutique on awolowo road. Korede runs a very clean shop.. real good look...

Ns.. confirmed

oh yeah.. i balled yesterday.. not sure i can keep it up.. my body is gettin too old for me. pretty sad.. and i think i lost my game infront of the internet :0

Beauitful scene. one thing about the court was it was huge.. crazy big.. a bunch of guys came out.. some really good ballers.. so it wasnt that bad..

well the story about this is.. the store was actaully 2 stores broken into one.. the back walls were broken but the finishing was very poor.. so we cleaned that up.. now these 2 dudes who cleaned it up were def characters that should have their own comic strip.. plus they worked very very drunk

no business like t-shirt business... a little something something from the good ppl of NS -bmore

TIA. its crazy how on the lagos/Ibadan express way u will always see some toppled trucks and some burnt up cars

this was one of the nights i went out in the states.. chuka. abdul and bassey. chillin at adams morgen.. i think the night was a flop.. but we ate some really big pizzas... lol
u should know this face by now. Jay z boyfriend lolol

As u can see the pics were not in order.. i am sure u will forgive me..
Ns loves u more