Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As we proceed

so we had a photoshoot this past wkend for the new collection we had the usual suspects farida, gabe, courtney,bayo, bassey and myself.. we worked with tunde for the photography and femi for the special project and feven was the new face on the block..

thanks to all those who participated much love and ns will always love u more.

enjoy the pics

Pizza break


49yrs of democrazy


ns doing the dirty job

courtney,gabe and feven in the cut

Tunde really gettin into it

farida and bassey.


me trying to do some directing.. femi thinking whateva let the professionals do what they do best. and gabe thinking are they going to make me ride the red bike again?
thats all for now folks

Saturday, September 26, 2009

blame it on the cold weather

so the new collection finally came out of the oven.. and according to the words on the streets.. it might be the best collection to date.. well the streets might be lying :) since they are bias anyway to what we put out.. but yeah the new collection should be on point.... i am sure yall wont be disappointed.. just hope u will hold us down when its time for dinner.

the new collection is called TheComeUp. and thats exactly how we feel.. we are still on our grind.. still paving our way thru the concrete jungle.. still tryin to build the brand and still tryin to put out the hot ishhhh( note the word trying) but yeah u get my drift..

a few more wks and the shirts should be up and ready for serving

much love and ns always loves u more

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just incase

just incase the lynch mob decide they want blood..

we dont need to have a democratic country to be democratic as a people..

thats all folks.... and ns always loves u more

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

its that time of the yr again

well with the exception of last yr 08 we have always marked Nigerian independence day. Thats 4 designs under our belt.. so we needed to make this one extra special as u can imagine its 5 times the charm..
anyway so going along the lines of what we stand for .. who we are and the voice we want to have.. we decided to make this design extra hard

so enjoy and welcome to NS indy 09 ..

look out for a new collection coming out real real soon.. NS TheComeUp.
ns loves u more..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dollars n Sense

Ok maybe it was better to have written this right after it happened.. well those in the bmore area would have at least heard of the play Dollars and Sense . what can I say.. u should have been there.

keep their names in your mind for bigger and better things from them in the near future. The show was very funny well directed and it packed more than enough laughs and a few social consciousness.. on a scale of 1-10. I’d give it a ten.. and believe I would have just kept quiet about the whole thing.. but I am tellin u that if they maintain and continue their clean from the ground hustle they will be a huge force

Anyway much love and enjoy the pics …

ns loves u more

His name is Wale


I am wale. aka, wale ariztos. i'm a photographer

photography and video fusion. it'll be fantastic. wait and see.

i get to capture moments at weddings, for example, that will/may neverrepeat itself. that pressure makes it all worth it.

be yourself and just be better than last time. be innovative-- follow-follow will only get you 2nd place, at best.

to just be myself in every capacity, unapologetically (not sure if that's a word. but you get what i'm saying.).

yes, i do

lol. my boss is cool. she's a great motivator- works very hard. so i'd just say thank you, but i gots-to-go!

i believe in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior

a) i work and play extremely hard
b) i love creative folks, and would go out of my way to help anyone out
c) photographs is all about lighting and not the camera
d) i've gotten only about 6 really good hair cuts in the last 15 years.

.a) browse the internet
b)listen to music
c)take long walks
d)hang with friends
e)read magazines and books
f)shop for gadgets

a)some sort of camera;

hit the snooze button

when everything i want to accomplish, is actually accomplished

damn...i just imagined a nice mix of the 3. if i had to choose one,dbanj!

nothing. i skip breakfast way too often.

n/a. but anything i eat is good, usually :-)

prefer kitchen...but i order in.

a positive attitude can really make dreams come true. make every attempt to do what you love doing...even if it means that you have to work 3 other jobs. be incredibly good at everything that you do, and finally, believe in the freshness, vitality, and importance of your own experience and imagination.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Falz The Bahd Guy


Thats quite a precise number of words. lol. Well, my real name is Folarin Falana but everyone knows me as Falz or Falz the Bahd guy! Im a Rapper/ Rap Artist/ Musician. You wouldn't be wrong to classify my music as Hip-Hop/ R n'B but at the same time i like to call it Afro-HipHop or Contemporary Rap. Im currently studying in the U.K so music is still a part-time job, so to speak.

. As if you knew of my intention. I see something massive in the near future. I know, as they say, its easier said than done but there are plans that i have been making these past few months with a couple of close pals and we actually see a potentially successful career emerging from the music that i'm making right now. Its definitely going to take a lot of hard work and evolution but in 14 years i see myself as a massive national and international hip-hop superstar!

At first music was just something that young Folarin was passionate about but then over the years i've just magically evolved into this great lyricist. I think the fact that i've developed so much in the musical realm in a relatively short period of time just speaks a lot about what is to come in the near future, and for this reason i feel its worth my going 100% at it!

I've learned that for you to be successful, you 'ld definitely fail at first but what would make you who you wanna be is your ability to raise your head high and continue going for it even after you've failed. Wise words right there my brother, wise words!

To stay in school and not be a useless drop out just because i realised a great talent in me. I did consider it trust me

As stated earlier, Im still a student at the moment so that is what i do from 9-5!

dont think i have any message for my lecturers. lol

Some people may have noticed but i wish other people would just see that im a very special kid and even music-wise, that what i bring to the table is far from cliche!

  1. That i have a pair of pink boxers. lol
  2. That i could be quite a shy guy
  3. That i eat quite a lot
  4. and That Iv never been in love.

  1. Play soccer/football,
  2. Play Table tennis,
  3. Play on my xbox 360,
  4. Eat,
  5. Just hang with friends really,
  6. and party!

  1. Food
  2. Football (playing and watching)
  3. Music

Go to the toilet to ease myself, im sure we all do that.

A good friday entails waking up in the morning to a nice rich breakfast, No lectures at all throughout the day, Chinese for lunch, Playing some sweet football in the evening and then rounding up the day with a night-out with my guys!

c'est fini

*Laughs* 3 extremely different people. I 'll go for D'banj! yess!

Bread with butter...and some chicken.

Ah i enjoyed it oh

Kitchen with the right cook.

BIG SHOUT OUT to the supporters/ fans/ well wishers and just everybody that's been a part of the movement! SHAKARA: THE MIXTAPE Shall be allll over the internet this December (2009).. NO EXCUSE not to download it! Love you all. And ofcourse to The 'aters an Bad bele people, Tenx! and keep doin you. An ofcourz Mush love.



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