Monday, February 26, 2007

Tryin to redeem myself

waz up ppl.. i know its been a while once again.. u shouldn't really be that surprised anyway ... remember king of slackers??? *side note( i doubt anyone reads this) anyway all is well on the NS front in yankee.. we still here grinding tryin to come out with some dope designs.. we tryin to make u clean out ur closet take out those old tees and those skeletons and make a come back with the freshest look of the summer.. another side note (not that u have any skeletons in ur closet). lol

so what has been going on.. hmm not sure where to begin but we have been trying to do our homework in btw vices of life and women ( big grin we mean nothing by it) we have been tryin to get our feet deep in this industry... so far we ar barely passing buts in the words of BIG or maybe scarface "its Ok" we got momentum on our side so the FORCE is with us

things lined up.. we are definitely coming out with better designs and more attitude.. i feel like an RnB singer coming out with a new album and talkin all that shit like he found himself and this is the best work of his life... well * coughs and BS* but for now we are just givin u a foreplay remember we are here to change attitudes and indeed we will.. so grow with us

much love and respect..
quick update on another nigerian slacker.. not yet a politician but hey who knows..

We should have our new collection up and buzzing by late March and early April 07.....

side note..

we are looking for tee shirt graphic designers and also looking for stores near you that can carry the brand..
pls holla at us if u have any info

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Self proclaimed King of slackers

so its been more than a few wks since i last posted on the blog, things are well just been rather lazy or maybe turned off.. yeah yeah yeah.. no one said the road was going to be a smooth one. things are still looking good. the shop is still unofficially open, i have a strong feeling its going to stay like this for a minute. FYI NS is looking for a sales associate for the store... preferably a college educated part time worker (a possible joke lol). Store hours tentatively are btw when i feel like and when i feel like. I have been flirting with the idea of store hours being thursday-Saturday 12-5pm. now this is probably unheard of in naija. but remember who we are??? we are changing Attitudes :) NS baby

owning/runnin a store can be very boring when there is power outage, petrol scarcity and general hard times "broke population" but u know NS is gangsta so when i get bored i close the shop and bounce.

So what has been in the pipe line... we are still looking for a big distribution deal... we need to spread the NS love to the masses. so if u guys out there know of any store in the states, naija or Uk that may be interested in this brand.. pls holla at

"Show me the money"

remember if u act civilized the wolves will eat the food on ur plate... to say the least i dealt with a few suspect individuals. i guess u have to in nigeria, everyone is hungry but these ppl tested me and a few times i lost my cool and showed them madness has levels.(the funny thing with my rants are they are in english with a few yoruba and pidgin words so they are not as effective as the bonafide pidgin wit a few english words lol.

so if u owe me money... pay up .. pls ns is on a mission to change attitudes and we need the money.. u know who u r . good boy ;)

ok i just discovered how to view the comments button lol u see i told u i was a slacker.. well not really.. thanks tho for all the shout outs and love.. mos def appreciate it.. a few questions i can answer from the comments... why the shop color.. cuz i am a pimp believe that lol.. ok real talk that was the only color i had in mind.. it wasn't an easy find but when u have a vision u will find a way.. i wanted something very different, something strong, something wit a personality and eventhough the store still needs work done.. its a dream coming thru.

why ibadan... money is a major issue... lol well to a lot of extent.. u see the goal of this trip was to introduce the brand to the nigerian market. now the primary way for this is wholesale distribution not necessarily one on one retail on our part. so the shop in IB is like a hub not too keen on customer retail but wholesale accts. in my 2 months trip i was in lagos atleast 8 times. since i lived in IB and have family there it was very convenient to set it up here.. plus the brand can be protected and sheltered until its mature enough to deal with Lagos.


So my trip so far has been hectic. u would think i had enough time to plan my return trip...stories.. so up until last minute i was dealing with crucial matters. I left ibadan rather late and i was supposed to make atleast 3 stops in lagos before heading to the airport. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. so my choice was customer relationship or missing my flight...(well ok not really missing my flight cuz the flight was not till close to midnight but the risk or missing it and u know murphys law.....) so the choice was made to the airport.. my plan b was for the car mobility person(driver :)) to make the drops for me thursday morning..i hope he did.

got in to amsterdam like 6 am local time. i had like 6 hours to kill.. fyi two small packets of Ketchup cost $1. crazy ppl.

back in the US. taking a few days rest and then hitting this coming week with new energy.. Ns is back and we will change attitudes in 2007

emm.. i will be putting some contacts online soon. some reliable ppl in lagos abuja and ibadan that are acting as distributors of the brand so if u are in any of those places.. luck is on ur side.... u can stay fly wit us.

big shouts to my pops my mom my bro and mr. Musa the trip wouldnt have been possible without u guys much love for that.

much love now time for pictures