Monday, May 30, 2011

MondayInterviews: Herds Of the Fathers

Definitely something unique and different! Those duffle bags are straight OG



Name is Tobi Babajide, Born and breed in Naija land. I own a Mens leather goods
company along with my business partner Jason Akoi.

14 years is a long time, man 14 years from now I would like
to see many flagship stores all over the world. I would like for the
company to become a powerhouse in the fashion industry

creativity, the fact that you can create and innovate makes it all worth it

Biggest lesson is not to act like you know it all. Not having a background in business makes everyday a learning curve. When starting a new business. ALWAYS ALWAYS
do your research.

Simple- Ride the coat tails of my dreams. Starting this Brand.

Not yet, Pray to the man above that i will never

have to sit down for a Job interview.

My boss is the man upstairs: Only message is to bless the works on my hands.

Im as simple as they come. I can do a few things in the kitchen. And i wish people
knew that i am not into fashion.

lol, Next question

5 years ago i would have mentioned watching
T.V first, but these days i love looking for antiques, thrift
shopping. I also unwind by thinking, weird because you are suppose to
not think about anything when you unwind. Another way i unwind is
watching espn, i dont know what i would do without that channel.

God, Family, and internet.

I say my prayers. Then I check my email
Relaxing watching a movie, or
going out with friends. A good week is any week i get something

accomplished out of my yearly and monthly goals.

All but beethoven.

Actually haven't eaten yet, but i will probably have Granola clusters cereal. Healthy.

It will be

Kitchen, i think ordering out unless the food
is exceptional is a waste.

Had one today, but i only share my
dreams with my mom.

I don't want tochange the world. I'm a realist. but to help- Simply " Be a better

Any parting words?- FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. And take the words "I Cant"
out of your vocab. Everything is possible is you want it bad enough.