Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little puzzled

you know how they say all that glitters isnt always gold.. but when it glitters enough to convince us its Gold who is the trick on?

i may not make sense but i just read something on bossip that kinda disturbed me but then i realized i had mixed emotions about it and i was probably upset for the wrong reasons.

and the sad thing is really the media and society have either down played things in such a way or tried enough to convince us gold is anything that glitters.

To form an opinion and stand by it ,you run the risk of being labeled something you are not.

so this is the story she used to be a boy.. now she is a pretty girl.. and that is where everything is all messed up.. who will protect you young guys out there.? me i am out of the market but i am not mad at her or him.. more disturbed that she is a pretty woman on the outside now. i really dont even know what to think about this.

who will save us