Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you are in the Maryland area do not fail to stop by CITY OF GODS, the newest clothing store and soon to be the newest NS spot… :-) Anyway, that’s a different story! So I stopped by this weekend to check out the store and was extremely impressed by the different collections. Store address is 1118 Hollins st. Baltimore, Md. 21223.

Store front

Me, Idris (compete clothing)

Some of the ladies stuff...

more ladies....

The Haiti boys! lolol

Idris(compete clothing) and Jason (I Rock Fox ).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flaws of Man or maybe its GIDI

they get caught up in the hype.. the bs.. the fame.... the luxuries... the power..the money....they forget to shoot for the GLORY..

NS is about that... For the Glory.. For the PPL... For the Love.. For the loyalty......

Ns will always love u more....

Limited to those that keep it real....

ns PSA 2010 edition

Sunday, January 24, 2010

He was once a Dentist....

NS's Favorite Dentist
aka Mr. Pop Champagne

Dr Sid

TheComeUp Collection- NS OnlyGod

Dr Sid, I am a dentist turned musician and I make good music.

14yrs is plenty oh… emm basically the plan is to have a good hold on the entertainment industry in Nigeria which ever way tv, films music anything and everything.

the Idea of bringing joy to people when they listen to my music and seeing people have fun when I do what I do

Hard work and focus always pays off…

To follow my passion music ..

Not any more, worked as a dentist for 3 years

its been too long can’t even remember that part of my life

I am shy

lol this is a joke right

I like video games.. I like sex… I like movies.. I like traveling.




xbox. Drsidofnaija.. Holla at me Fifa 10/ Godfather/Halo

good food



Watch movies. Work on the music and xbox live

Yeah my favorite
depends on my mood

Dr Sid

album out soon.. download music from site…..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Nigerian winter Olympic contestant….hopefully

Ur boy Bassey is back on the blog spot. Came across a wonderful story I had to share…. enjoy

Listening to the radio a few days ago and heard about a young man whose goal is to represent Nigeria in the 2014 winter Olympics. I was immediately drawn to the story since every other story I heard recently was on the NIGERIAN TERRORIST. Finally something to be proud of my people again!!!

So let me introduce you to Seun Adebiyi. He was born in Nigeria, came to the United States and recently graduated from Yale Law School. Wow!!! Seun has been battling a form of cancer but he is determined to fight it and then get well enough to compete in the 2014 winter Olympics. What a young man!!!

Here is more on the story. An MPR article and his blog below

Much Love to you Seun. You are in our prayers and NS loves u much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

as we proceed

NS still loves u more.. and i promise one day i will get better at this blog thing..

but we are in the kitchen and we are cookin.. u dig

much love

Friday, January 1, 2010



from the ns fam we are wishing u all a happy happy new yr and we hope MOST ur wishes come thru.... u know might be a disaster if all we wished for came thru.. it most probably will kill us...

so yeah we will ONLY hope for MOST..

much love and expect straight fiya from us.. we might be slow in the beginning of the year but believe me we are cookin and we might even get chefs to add some spice to it.

NS 4ever..

ns loves u more

as the year rounds up

first of pls give 30 shout outs to badprof... dude turned the big 3 decades on dec 30.. ladies pls show him some love.. and fellas buy some ns tees :)..

anyway as there year is rounding up, all we can do is give u all a big shout out for the support.. the love and most importantly your loyalty..

we are not kiddin when we say

1) ns loves u more
2) without u ns is just NS

so much love and we have a whole lot of dishes planned out for u in 2010... ns will be huge!!!! and we will make u proud like we have never done before...

for those that follow soccer Obafemi Martins came by the store... ns is the truth

bimbowlarrr... taggin the wall it only took her one yr and some change to come to the store.. but tis all good i know na the angels and mad traffic.. so u are forgiven

Tomi representing NJ... n maybe NR dependin on who u ask

disclaimer i took the pics iwth my phone.. so sorry about the quality.

thats it folks. even tho today is the first.. this post should have been for yesterday or the day before