Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Nigerian winter Olympic contestant….hopefully

Ur boy Bassey is back on the blog spot. Came across a wonderful story I had to share…. enjoy

Listening to the radio a few days ago and heard about a young man whose goal is to represent Nigeria in the 2014 winter Olympics. I was immediately drawn to the story since every other story I heard recently was on the NIGERIAN TERRORIST. Finally something to be proud of my people again!!!

So let me introduce you to Seun Adebiyi. He was born in Nigeria, came to the United States and recently graduated from Yale Law School. Wow!!! Seun has been battling a form of cancer but he is determined to fight it and then get well enough to compete in the 2014 winter Olympics. What a young man!!!

Here is more on the story. An MPR article and his blog below

Much Love to you Seun. You are in our prayers and NS loves u much.