Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas and things

happy holiday folks. pictures from around the way :-)

Mr. T makin sure all the tees in his closet are NS.. headin in the right direction

after she tagged the wall

in his spare time he wears ............ free t-shirt if u can guess who this is. and bayo atleast i didnt show ur face abi?

niayomi and fbb

Ns in the buildin reppin the soon to be released ns linen

father and son

ns is going a long way.. thank u very much for the love

ns loves u more..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to the NS Family

Sunday, December 21, 2008

more pics from the store

NS rides only for the streets..

REMEMBER FOLKS. NO GROUPINESS... NS will make her way.

well first thing i am not sure if NS is a He or She. well at this moment i will call it a she. she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo demanding lolol but i still love her. u know she gets jealous when i dont address her daily and then she begins to steal my monnnnney.. and when i talk she never listens. its always her way.. its give me this.. she is taking that.. na wa oh lolol

anyway back to the NO GROUPINESS. i know some of u might have read it here in the blog before.. so what do i mean by that.. NO GROUPINESS. well for one ns is a brand for the streets . a brand for the leaders.. a brand for ppl who take risks. a brand for ppl willing to go against the grain.. thats what ns is all about we are changing atttitudes and ppl that buy into our mission are not just comin in on the fashion tip or i want to buy a tee.. they are comin in that ok this is a movement ya dig.. this is what it can be.. they are becoming family and helpin spread the love and mission..

so now i say no groupiness again... i mean public figures like stars and celebs in naija. now not to knock anyones hustle cuz i def have mad love for everyone doing their own thing and making a living off their passion.. but NS1463 Clothing Co. cant jump on a stars bandwagon to get the publicity or recognition by the masses.. NS isnt about that... we will forever change attitudes.. forever be about the ppl and we will always maintain that integrity... NO GROUPINESS... its for the love, not the money, not the recognition,not the publicity infact u can keep addin a lot of nots there.. NS IS FOR THE PPL.. WE ARE ABOUT CHANGING ATTITUDES. AND WE WILL DO IT SHOWIN LOVE TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT BELIEVES IN WHAT WE ARE ABOUT. NS WILL ALWAYS LOVE U MORE AND WE WONT LET U DOWN.. WE CAN'T.. amen.
now maybe i should go to church and listen to someone preach as suppose to me preachin about how ns loves u :)

and remember folks ns loves u more

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what one seems to forget

so its 11pm.. just got back from a house call.. u can call it home delivery or great customer service..so anyway there is one profound truth i sometimes forget .... the ppl really love ns. now its hard to explain.. but i just got schooled by a customer on what it is they love about the brand and how its important we maintain it.. they want us to stick to our roots.. to maintain our swagger and to make Nigerians proud... that we will.. so now i am pumped and i will definitely go back to work.. no more surfin the net till i sleep.. ns is beyond me slackin .. the world needs ns.. naija needs ns.. u need ns.. i need ns.. ns needs ns lolol

good feelins..

much love..
and remember ns loves u more.. even if sometimes we act like a difficult lover :-)

Highlight of my day

NS Fam

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the highs and lows

somethings that one should write home about..

so how does my day begin in this TIA soap opera.. hmmm.. so i wake up thinkin i have to sleep less.. u know what will puffy do?
anyway shortly after showerin i hear a knock on the door.. its my carpenter with a stranger.. i am like this is odd.. i am suppose to meet him at the store at ten. its 9.30 plus he usually calls to see if i am around before settin out.. so i am like hmm interestin something just isnt jivin.. i am like whats up.. he responds that he needs to talk to me.. i am like for what.. he is like he needs my help .. at this point i open the door but make sure the stranger is locked out.. i honestly was thinkin its a set up lolol
anyway back inside he is like he doesnt know how to say it but he needs to seek treatment. i am like whats wrong with u he mentions words like sko sko..lolol wtf is sko sko.. he said he is losing his mind that even the outfit he is wearin isnt his.. lolol ok now i am gettin scared thinkin.. this might end up it a fight just hope he isnt a biter.. he is like his sibling passed on at an early age and the doctor is tellin him he needs to start treatment for mental illness before he loses his faculty.

anyway longstory short he is like he needs 500,000 naira for his treatment.. now i am like WTF.. who does this guy think i am.. i am gettin worked up and insulted. its like someone askin u for 10gs in the states.. thats not small money which ever way u ball..

so i am like dude.. then he is like ok u can give me 300,000.. wow.. this dude must be really crazy and he is in my space and i dont feel safe.. so he finally brings it down to 200k.. and i am like ok time to leave... i will see u at the store. so folks thats how my day started..

fastforward to the store and the hustle.. things were cool not much pics to show but i have 2 ok videos..

i should also introduce u to the store security guards.. so far they are nameless but they sure can bite.. so dont even try an BS with NS.. they r ready to shit all over u lololol

much love and ns loves u more

Friday, December 12, 2008

bitter sweet memories

this is how my day starts at about 9.30am i get a call bros olu i dey inside bus there is a robbery going on btw chevron and ikota and they have blocked the roads.

i am thinkin damn what kinda of country is this.. u know i have heard of stories of ppl runnin away from their cars like its doom day and all but its only theives taking their time harrassing the citizens of this mishandled nation. so i tell my cousin and she calls her friend to give her heads up.. well her friend apparently realized the commotion and she was quick enough to get off the road and pull into the shoppin complex.

so me i am like damn when is the next flight back to the states :-) anyway so i am like wow.. let me just wait a little.. so my boy calls me and tells me things have cleared up he is at the shop i am like wow.. this is rather different... so i am drivin to the store now and i feel like i am in a movie like i am legend or some other movie where everyone is walkin against traffic.. so i am like this is weird.. u know playin out my exit strategies incase i see everyone runnin.. i kept my bs phone by myside incase the inevitable happens.. atleast i have a phone to give em.. anyway i keep driving and i realize ok i am gettin closer to the scene of the robbery.. now everyone is focused on one bus. i am thinkin damn what could have happened.. well story is a young man got a stray bullet another story is the guy looked out when the robbery was goin on and he was shot. now as it is with ppl and train wrecks ppl stopped to see the gruesome scene... well i just kept it moving.. so i drive less than a minute and i realize ok this is def. what happened.. the guys robbed a bank and they did it big.... only in nigeria... or only in the movie heat.

so that was the first half of my day... now my kids came into town yesterday.. yes i have 2 boys nife and niayomi.. and i had to go see them so i head towards vi..bare in mind this is like an hr plus after i drove past the bus.. i see the bus on the way and i kinda looked closely and saw the blood inside.. imagine that.

anyway i see my boys and i am def. happier.. i have missed them oh...
business wise... the store was cool.. still on the grind makin u guys proud..

much love and pls keep it very safe this xmas and ns loves u even more today

My boys and their other dads

nife ns and niayomi ns


just a few more yrs and we will put them to work with the ns clan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

only when the fat lady stops singing

:-) more pics of ns in action



The tattoo
the inspiration..
now the next step is to have NS on it.

NS Afrique

Ns loves u more

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FBB should come to my rescue

so i dont look like a liar :-). lets see if he comes thru.. bayooooo u better step up and find the pic i will be talkin about soon..

so things are cool.. marketin goin ait.. been gettin enough buzz on the streets.. so we are def keepin it real OG.. just like the way they said it was goin to be.. u know the voices in my head.. lolol i am indeed full of shit at this very particular time.. listening to mr goodmorning.. kanye .. graduation. so i am actually feelin myself.. dont worry tomorrow i will be humble again..
so a few stories.. short ones tho..

one of my store neighbors came in to buy one tee ended up walkin out with 3 tees.. and i see her .sunday monday and tuesday and she was exactly in this order.. levels pass level.. then show me... then VIP.. 3 out of 3 aint bad at all..

then today a guy calls in talks about FBB's ns campaign on Facebook i am like cool.. means bayo is doing some work so we get to talkin and he is like tryin to show me something on his back .. i am like oh shit. i think i know what it is.. so he takes his top off and i see the NS afrique inspired tattoo. well i should have asked for a photo but i didnt but it wasnt a bad feelin..
the next step will be for someone to get an actual tattoo of ns lolol and no.. bayo/ bassey u guys wont count...

not a bad feelin at all.. ns will be ok.. and we will always love u more.. enjoy the pics

Tobi feelin the ns-goodtimes tee.

this is view to the left of my store

one of the major roads in the complex

just a random pic.

Friday, December 5, 2008

some friendly faces at the store

he came in the store the day before.. was eyein the top but he wasnt convinced.. then he came back the next day and wore it out..

so she calls from abuja and says someone walks up to her and recognized the 1463 tee.. not a bad feelin..

emeka cool dude.. he and his lady came by and he was sold on this top after seein it on the catalog. definitely a great look and he wore it well too.

and this top wasnt even on display.. but she had to have it..

mr. olusa lovin his tee

the world is never enough..

so at the shop on wednesday dec 3rd i had a few things to get off my mind so its goin to be copy and paste in the next paragraph.. the shop is cool.. still hustling and still on the grind...oh and inbtw short story and a true story too. so my dad goes in to renew his cars registrations for 09 and they tell him double registration.. now what does that mean? well it means the geniuses gave up his plate numbers to someone else. and its not just on one car but on 3 cars now if u know how it is here in naija. they literally engrave everything on the car with the plate number. windows door handles etc. pretty much everything u can imagine on the car will have the plate number engraved on it for security reasons.. now the dilemma is my dad unfortunately will have to bite the bullet on this one.. apparently the issue was the federal government was initially in charge but somehow lagos government is now in charge so instead of transferin the old info from fed. govt they decided to be the the straight A student.

one of the things I forgot to mention..

so on my way back from payin a small arm and a leg utility bill I am walkin into the complex and I see a guy run out of a store sayin olumide fourteen sixty three how far?.. I am like oh shit.. the dudes face looks familiar now where and how?.. I am doin a quick search in my head u know. not to embarrass him or even myself, then I figured it out I met him a few days ago he came to the store but I def. don’t remember his name… we spoke for a sec. typical small impersonal talk.. then we kept it moving.. after that moment i smilied to myself and said what someone forgot to tell them all is olumide is almost like a goldfish… ur face is all I will remember and then from there is it’s all a blur.. customer/ states/shop/Vienna/Baltimore/isi /staff school/bodija… pretty sad but hey I will learn to be a better sales person..

the store has been ok.. hustling. Now the next step is marketin the right way.. so we are considering some guerilla tactics. U know go back on the I am so hungry plus I aint got no cheddar but we still have to do this.. and we have to do it right.. but we will see sha.. its an uphill battle hope my gps gets us there soon..

blah blah blah.. one of the hits that still surprises me is the 1463 tee.. btw u and me that shirt was probably the most random thing I have ever done and maybe the most successful thing also…. I have no clue but ppl just get drawn to the tee. And its not even on display in the store.. but somehow they ask for it either cuz I am wearin it or from the catalog.. anyway thanks for all those that keep believing in the brand and are willin to help spread the love.

NS will soon be huge.. I keep hearin ppl rockin the tees around .. and they are getting recognized definitely a great feeling.. still not time to get into the details of what brought about NS.. but it’s a good feelin to know that ppl believe in the movement that we (includes U).. have started.. NS is def Changing Attitudes and we will be successful by any means necessary.

So lets see if I have any by the by rants… well for one I HATE ANYONE IN UNIFORM. U probably need to get laid more or eat more cuz the ego trip and power high u r on is on some high level BS and most of u should be euthanized to give Nigeria a chance to be something better than a corrupt nation. Lol I know harsh words but I am on the NWA tip now..

Anyway ns loves u more