Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the highs and lows

somethings that one should write home about..

so how does my day begin in this TIA soap opera.. hmmm.. so i wake up thinkin i have to sleep less.. u know what will puffy do?
anyway shortly after showerin i hear a knock on the door.. its my carpenter with a stranger.. i am like this is odd.. i am suppose to meet him at the store at ten. its 9.30 plus he usually calls to see if i am around before settin out.. so i am like hmm interestin something just isnt jivin.. i am like whats up.. he responds that he needs to talk to me.. i am like for what.. he is like he needs my help .. at this point i open the door but make sure the stranger is locked out.. i honestly was thinkin its a set up lolol
anyway back inside he is like he doesnt know how to say it but he needs to seek treatment. i am like whats wrong with u he mentions words like sko sko..lolol wtf is sko sko.. he said he is losing his mind that even the outfit he is wearin isnt his.. lolol ok now i am gettin scared thinkin.. this might end up it a fight just hope he isnt a biter.. he is like his sibling passed on at an early age and the doctor is tellin him he needs to start treatment for mental illness before he loses his faculty.

anyway longstory short he is like he needs 500,000 naira for his treatment.. now i am like WTF.. who does this guy think i am.. i am gettin worked up and insulted. its like someone askin u for 10gs in the states.. thats not small money which ever way u ball..

so i am like dude.. then he is like ok u can give me 300,000.. wow.. this dude must be really crazy and he is in my space and i dont feel safe.. so he finally brings it down to 200k.. and i am like ok time to leave... i will see u at the store. so folks thats how my day started..

fastforward to the store and the hustle.. things were cool not much pics to show but i have 2 ok videos..

i should also introduce u to the store security guards.. so far they are nameless but they sure can bite.. so dont even try an BS with NS.. they r ready to shit all over u lololol

much love and ns loves u more