Friday, December 12, 2008

bitter sweet memories

this is how my day starts at about 9.30am i get a call bros olu i dey inside bus there is a robbery going on btw chevron and ikota and they have blocked the roads.

i am thinkin damn what kinda of country is this.. u know i have heard of stories of ppl runnin away from their cars like its doom day and all but its only theives taking their time harrassing the citizens of this mishandled nation. so i tell my cousin and she calls her friend to give her heads up.. well her friend apparently realized the commotion and she was quick enough to get off the road and pull into the shoppin complex.

so me i am like damn when is the next flight back to the states :-) anyway so i am like wow.. let me just wait a little.. so my boy calls me and tells me things have cleared up he is at the shop i am like wow.. this is rather different... so i am drivin to the store now and i feel like i am in a movie like i am legend or some other movie where everyone is walkin against traffic.. so i am like this is weird.. u know playin out my exit strategies incase i see everyone runnin.. i kept my bs phone by myside incase the inevitable happens.. atleast i have a phone to give em.. anyway i keep driving and i realize ok i am gettin closer to the scene of the robbery.. now everyone is focused on one bus. i am thinkin damn what could have happened.. well story is a young man got a stray bullet another story is the guy looked out when the robbery was goin on and he was shot. now as it is with ppl and train wrecks ppl stopped to see the gruesome scene... well i just kept it moving.. so i drive less than a minute and i realize ok this is def. what happened.. the guys robbed a bank and they did it big.... only in nigeria... or only in the movie heat.

so that was the first half of my day... now my kids came into town yesterday.. yes i have 2 boys nife and niayomi.. and i had to go see them so i head towards vi..bare in mind this is like an hr plus after i drove past the bus.. i see the bus on the way and i kinda looked closely and saw the blood inside.. imagine that.

anyway i see my boys and i am def. happier.. i have missed them oh...
business wise... the store was cool.. still on the grind makin u guys proud..

much love and pls keep it very safe this xmas and ns loves u even more today

My boys and their other dads

nife ns and niayomi ns


just a few more yrs and we will put them to work with the ns clan