Friday, December 5, 2008

the world is never enough..

so at the shop on wednesday dec 3rd i had a few things to get off my mind so its goin to be copy and paste in the next paragraph.. the shop is cool.. still hustling and still on the grind...oh and inbtw short story and a true story too. so my dad goes in to renew his cars registrations for 09 and they tell him double registration.. now what does that mean? well it means the geniuses gave up his plate numbers to someone else. and its not just on one car but on 3 cars now if u know how it is here in naija. they literally engrave everything on the car with the plate number. windows door handles etc. pretty much everything u can imagine on the car will have the plate number engraved on it for security reasons.. now the dilemma is my dad unfortunately will have to bite the bullet on this one.. apparently the issue was the federal government was initially in charge but somehow lagos government is now in charge so instead of transferin the old info from fed. govt they decided to be the the straight A student.

one of the things I forgot to mention..

so on my way back from payin a small arm and a leg utility bill I am walkin into the complex and I see a guy run out of a store sayin olumide fourteen sixty three how far?.. I am like oh shit.. the dudes face looks familiar now where and how?.. I am doin a quick search in my head u know. not to embarrass him or even myself, then I figured it out I met him a few days ago he came to the store but I def. don’t remember his name… we spoke for a sec. typical small impersonal talk.. then we kept it moving.. after that moment i smilied to myself and said what someone forgot to tell them all is olumide is almost like a goldfish… ur face is all I will remember and then from there is it’s all a blur.. customer/ states/shop/Vienna/Baltimore/isi /staff school/bodija… pretty sad but hey I will learn to be a better sales person..

the store has been ok.. hustling. Now the next step is marketin the right way.. so we are considering some guerilla tactics. U know go back on the I am so hungry plus I aint got no cheddar but we still have to do this.. and we have to do it right.. but we will see sha.. its an uphill battle hope my gps gets us there soon..

blah blah blah.. one of the hits that still surprises me is the 1463 tee.. btw u and me that shirt was probably the most random thing I have ever done and maybe the most successful thing also…. I have no clue but ppl just get drawn to the tee. And its not even on display in the store.. but somehow they ask for it either cuz I am wearin it or from the catalog.. anyway thanks for all those that keep believing in the brand and are willin to help spread the love.

NS will soon be huge.. I keep hearin ppl rockin the tees around .. and they are getting recognized definitely a great feeling.. still not time to get into the details of what brought about NS.. but it’s a good feelin to know that ppl believe in the movement that we (includes U).. have started.. NS is def Changing Attitudes and we will be successful by any means necessary.

So lets see if I have any by the by rants… well for one I HATE ANYONE IN UNIFORM. U probably need to get laid more or eat more cuz the ego trip and power high u r on is on some high level BS and most of u should be euthanized to give Nigeria a chance to be something better than a corrupt nation. Lol I know harsh words but I am on the NWA tip now..

Anyway ns loves u more