Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FBB should come to my rescue

so i dont look like a liar :-). lets see if he comes thru.. bayooooo u better step up and find the pic i will be talkin about soon..

so things are cool.. marketin goin ait.. been gettin enough buzz on the streets.. so we are def keepin it real OG.. just like the way they said it was goin to be.. u know the voices in my head.. lolol i am indeed full of shit at this very particular time.. listening to mr goodmorning.. kanye .. graduation. so i am actually feelin myself.. dont worry tomorrow i will be humble again..
so a few stories.. short ones tho..

one of my store neighbors came in to buy one tee ended up walkin out with 3 tees.. and i see her .sunday monday and tuesday and she was exactly in this order.. levels pass level.. then show me... then VIP.. 3 out of 3 aint bad at all..

then today a guy calls in talks about FBB's ns campaign on Facebook i am like cool.. means bayo is doing some work so we get to talkin and he is like tryin to show me something on his back .. i am like oh shit. i think i know what it is.. so he takes his top off and i see the NS afrique inspired tattoo. well i should have asked for a photo but i didnt but it wasnt a bad feelin..
the next step will be for someone to get an actual tattoo of ns lolol and no.. bayo/ bassey u guys wont count...

not a bad feelin at all.. ns will be ok.. and we will always love u more.. enjoy the pics

Tobi feelin the ns-goodtimes tee.

this is view to the left of my store

one of the major roads in the complex

just a random pic.