Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what one seems to forget

so its 11pm.. just got back from a house call.. u can call it home delivery or great customer anyway there is one profound truth i sometimes forget .... the ppl really love ns. now its hard to explain.. but i just got schooled by a customer on what it is they love about the brand and how its important we maintain it.. they want us to stick to our roots.. to maintain our swagger and to make Nigerians proud... that we will.. so now i am pumped and i will definitely go back to work.. no more surfin the net till i sleep.. ns is beyond me slackin .. the world needs ns.. naija needs ns.. u need ns.. i need ns.. ns needs ns lolol

good feelins..

much love..
and remember ns loves u more.. even if sometimes we act like a difficult lover :-)