Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not a good look

Let me begin by wishing you all a very Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.

Its been a while since I dropped any notes on here, I really have no excuse, things have been busy at this camp. We are realizing a few opportunities we looked away from and we are also making sure that we come correct when the new season drops. So its the learning curve all over again and staying on our grind a little longer.

To some I know we promised a bunch of things this month and we didnt come thru abeg no vex... what we are working on now will definitely make up for it .. we are doing things now the way it should have been done from the get go.. so its the rebirth of a brand.

Much love..

and Expect fiya from us real soon..

We appreciate your love and patience

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My new Love .

pity i just discovered her music. lovely lovely woman.. 'common' sampled her in "misunderstood" one of her songs was in easily one of the best movies ever made Thomas Crown Affair. very powerful artist

We are hoping we can incorporate her music soon on our upcoming ad campaing. stay tuned

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still slackin and not proud of it

But we promise you we are in the kitchen stirring up some HEAT


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another PSA

NS is Huge.....

ok i give credit to the hundreds for that statement.

but yeah ns is doing some nice things this yr. check us out

Sunday, September 30, 2007

the love, the triumph and the pain

i am sure u already know by now that we went to NY for the PARADE. Upon all its comma comma the parade was a success for NS cuz we got mad love from the ppl…. they love us :) they really really love us :) ait let me keep my cool and act like its nothing. u know get my swagger back its nuffin.
but yeah the trip was a success we made new friends, met old friends and changed some attitudes.. Remember NS is also for lovers.
I was going to recap the whole trip but as with time passion and excitement dies. Its tuesday now and things aren’t as fresh as they were... :( but I got some pics that will fill in the blanks.

Brief history. This is our third time going to NY parade.

The first was back in 2005, our dumb asses packed a few boxes in my car and headed to NY, i am not even sure if we got plastic bags before or we bought them after the fact. One thing for sure is we weren’t prepared at all no table, no chair... no fliers no give aways...nothing... just a bunch of youngins trynna hustle. We were just there like we have to make it happen.

Second yr was better we rented a van , rented a table, took chairs got fliers made . I will say we passed with a C

This yr we stepped it up .. repeat after me ballllllllliinn... we bought a tent, had 3 chairs, 2 tables and 3 complete and capable NS staff, so uknow we were on our top game. Our presentation was better, customer service I think improved because we didn’t have to convince ppl anymore that NS is here to stay and we are unlike the rest you know that whole thing about Changing Attitudes. We probably passed with a C +

gettin down to business.

the plan was by 6.30am we will be on our way to NY.. We had a past history of getting there late which isn't a good look. We always got there before the actual parade but most vendors would have claimed a nice spot, set their shop up, then we will now be panicking about where to set-up? is it a better location? but what if ppl don’t see us.. u know the whole 'yo we drove all the way here plus shelled out enough dough we better make some correct sales. going back to the leaving at 6.30am... didn’t happen.

We got to enterprise at 7 am we got delayed by like 30 mins for some reason they thought they had to wash the car for us.. Lolol hisses they dont know NS doesn’t mean pretty boys .. We get back to my place like 8am. we loaded the car i think it must have been like a little before 9 we were heading to NY from Baltimore and I think the event was suppose to start like 11am.

The trip there was cool.. my bro being very gay for Jay Z.. he entertained us about how complex his rhymes are and he thot since we were headin to Ny and Jay was in NY just maybe he will see him. we bumped some new kanye, lil wayne and some tu baba. so the ride was solid we were def. pumped and in the right mood.. we get to ny a few mins to 12 ( side comment for every limo we saw my bro kept saying . " that can be jay z in that limo" )

We off load.. our usual spot was taking my some new comers some guys sellin tees.. i will respect their hustle but u know its not the same NS all the way... by the time we got there the t-shirt vendors had already settled closer to the entrance. its like having a window spot.. and our location, u would have to walk down a little into the store getting distracted by food and everyone and their mama trying to sell something.

Note to organizers you need to do a better job filtering the vendors or at least making sure they register and just not show up and start selling food and pls have trash bags and bins around and no BOTTLES... Nigerians don’t understand bottles should not be left on the floor especially on the road... and u dumb Nigerians that u think u can fight pls get a ring and put some gloves on, no need for the gangsta talk or attitude at the end of the day u r still a loser :)

Some highlights- the actual parade came in later than usual. we had a slow first hr but by the time ppl came to thier senses that NS was in the building things began to pick up.. and the love began to flow

I shouldn’t generalize but sometimes naijas make it hard to really be a diplomatic business man... i think i can say i am more abrasive than my partner but sometimes you just have to give it to them...some ppl come joking and ask for 2 shirts for 20... i laugh it off and try to convince them that they are not only buying a quality t-shirt they are buyin a brand.... you know this is part of my job so i am happy to do it.. but then some come with attitude like the other guys are sellin theirs cheaper u know and they even have nigeria on it ???? ours doesn’t have to spell out naija for u to know we are repping?..

The worst ones come by wanting a deal then things gets tricky and since NS is not about the money anyway.... we give it to them ... * imagine an evil lol *
I know, I know not suppose to.. but u know they deserve it... (quick thing to add not related to the parade. we got an email from a someone saying our new hoody sucks and it is not worth blah blah, dude said he liked the older design, me being the cool cat, I responded all diplomatic u know doing the whole we appreciate your opinion bs.. then the guy responds with the same nonsense again like i didnt get him the first time.. if not for my partner i already had a perfect email typed up for him.

Dear X.. YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY BANNED FROM ORDERING FROM NS and if u ever do we will send u a refund promptly” .

NS is for lovers not haters and criticisms are ok but u need to chill and be smart about it)

back to the parade some woman probably in mid 40 comes by, buys 1 indy guy and 1 indy girl me i was surprised because she didn’t strike me as someone u'd find buying ns but as usual we are happy to get new fans. she gives me a 50 i gave her 20 and that was it.. 6 mins passed she comes back with an attitude sayin she is returning the girl shirt that she wants her money back. U would have thot I broke her daughters heart ??? wtf she was like how can we be sellin our tees for 15 when others are cheaper... guess what i did ? i said u know what give me both my shirts back here is ur money… she acted like she was excited about it but she must have felt stupid NS never chases money ... i personally wont sell u ns tees if u come with the wrong attitude… sometimes ppl forget that u need to respect ppl even if they are tryin to sell u something...

my partner had a similar issue and this is with a customer he worked with for a sec and the guy was now talkin about he is short on the money but he wants it.. but he only had like $11 and the dude also made the mistake of tryin to talk like the tees are expensive.. others are cheaper blah blah blah but he wants the NS one.. well he also got the boot and we fired him lol.. funny thing was he came back to me and asked me if i was sure i didnt want to sell him the tee for the money he had... i said no and ignored him. Its never about the money.. we will both give shirts away even sell below our sellin price but ppl have to come correct. hint hint.

one more quick story a girl comes by saying she is headin home and she wants the indy guy but she only has like 5 and some 1's i said i am sorry i cant let it go for that.. the price is 15, she said she was from outter town, i am like u can order it online.. she is like she doesnt like doing that.. i said ok, but i still cant let u have it for that price.. she walks off.. 20 mins later she came back with 20 and bought the same tee.. so look at that pals stop fronting and don’t come and do what u wont do in gap or any oyibo shop here at NS

.anyway to cut my long rants short.. here are the pics

on his way to see jay z

NS 06 Indy

workin hard

n after

the flat tire at 8.50pmThe shop at 11pm
the wait

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

some more pics

Fresh in NS

They are sleeping on NS.. mehn.. tell them mehn

NS - new face limited edition


ladies love shegs but he loves himself more...

fresh in them VANS

NS where at thou?

Waz up fam.. how have yall been?.. hope life is as gentle on u as a blank blank blank.. use ur imagination.. anyway .. if not.. count 1 thru 3 and everything will be good.. yeah u can take my word for it..
So its been low key at the war front over here.. u know still scheming and working hard to get these teesss in ur closet mehn.. and we dont just mean 1 i am talking about 4-5-6 pieces..
anyway here are some pics of NS in action.. apart from winning the 3mill lottery .. nothing else is going on here . ok i confess i lied about the lottery thing.. but here are some pics of whats been going down in the world of NS.. check out pics of bassey's trip to naija.. make sure u scroll all the way down

Lil bro rocking NS at airport on the way back to naija..

dude is probably on facebook.. sad case

another one

bayo crashing on the couch.. rocking NS fall 06

random chick and bayo

ar airport.. chief and iyabs

not sure who's got more Koko but NS all the way.. lol


Olumide and the random chick again

momo rockin NS customized piece. looking lovely..

the new face of NS.. call it limited edition

Baba Kekere rockin NS..

Gangsta... lol

Uncle NS

NS no corruption.. Bad ass t.

see whats sitting on his lap

NS ... on someone near u.

set up shop at Bowie state ASA show.. good lookin to Jamal and Lekan..

the ladies love Shegs lala.. but he loves himself more..

fresh in them Vans..