Friday, July 20, 2007

NS where at thou?

Waz up fam.. how have yall been?.. hope life is as gentle on u as a blank blank blank.. use ur imagination.. anyway .. if not.. count 1 thru 3 and everything will be good.. yeah u can take my word for it..
So its been low key at the war front over here.. u know still scheming and working hard to get these teesss in ur closet mehn.. and we dont just mean 1 i am talking about 4-5-6 pieces..
anyway here are some pics of NS in action.. apart from winning the 3mill lottery .. nothing else is going on here . ok i confess i lied about the lottery thing.. but here are some pics of whats been going down in the world of NS.. check out pics of bassey's trip to naija.. make sure u scroll all the way down

Lil bro rocking NS at airport on the way back to naija..

dude is probably on facebook.. sad case

another one

bayo crashing on the couch.. rocking NS fall 06

random chick and bayo

ar airport.. chief and iyabs

not sure who's got more Koko but NS all the way.. lol


Olumide and the random chick again

momo rockin NS customized piece. looking lovely..

the new face of NS.. call it limited edition

Baba Kekere rockin NS..

Gangsta... lol

Uncle NS

NS no corruption.. Bad ass t.

see whats sitting on his lap

NS ... on someone near u.

set up shop at Bowie state ASA show.. good lookin to Jamal and Lekan..

the ladies love Shegs lala.. but he loves himself more..

fresh in them Vans..