Saturday, August 30, 2008

on my journeys

so ns is back in the mix. I had to make a quick stop up north for my boys wedding.. i know wedding.... i guess we are all gettin older... almost a scary thot.. anyway there are loads of stories i can get into but i wont bore u or maybe its only because i am tooo lazy to start recappin the entire 5 day event. so enjoy the pics and wish Farouk and Zainab a happy marriage life.

We used the opportunity to have a mini high school reunion. Farouk, Anthony and Abubakar were all classmates of mine.. The last time i saw Ant was probably 2002 and and Abu probably 2001 needless to say we had loads of catchin up to do.. fun times and good memories.. much love for comin out . In the words of Anthony.. TIA - THIS IS AFRICA. and he didnt lie one bit. u can imagine what i mean..

enjoy the pics tho.


Abu went to pick ant up at the local SHED airport u will have to go there to understand what i mean. but hey if it aint broke dont fix it... yeah right.

Ant, The groom, Husseine and Abu
Farouk and Ant foolin around.
This must have been like 2 am easily on our first nite. guess who ate it and had stomach problems lol
The wedding took place in Maiduguri and Kano. We drove 5 plus hours there, thats another story for the ages.. just know i aint drivin there no more... The pics were taken in the brides house when we went to pick her up.
Farouk and his woman
The man of the moment. Lookin sharp and very cool

well the joke farouk wil tell u about this nite was when Husseine was giving a speech and he was like " farouk called him and said he got a girrrrrrrrl" and then his brother Afiz stepped it up and said if they ever needed advice that his door was open. lol the joke is like snoop givin advice to lets say usher.. well it was funny. The bottom right picture if of another nite. The Arabian nite

Real Classy event
Top right picture is of the Fatia. not sure about spellin tho. but we kinda got there late and we blocked a lot of cars from gettin out. TIA mehn anything is possible
Back in Kano. Big dinner
The Man and his Woman.. wish u guys the best.
ok thats it.. now i need to get back to the work that concerns us.. Spreading the NS love.
next stop lagos.
U will surely be posted.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


so we had a photo shoot... I'd love to go into more details but in the words of my guy anthony TIA... meanin this is africa.. long story hopefully i will be able to fill u guys in later.. for one i am back in nigeria.. the past 2 wks has been a very fast paced one... i am just settling down again or atleast i think i am.. will fill u in later.

here are some pics of the ns photoshoot at howard uni..... the pics came out really nice. i cant wait for u guys to see the finished product.. but enjoy anyway.. and remember ns loves u more

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The little details

Not much to say but yeah we hooked up our business cards.. Gave it a new facelift. so incase you don't ever get to meet us in person, pls accept this as our way of inviting u to call us anytime u want.. disclaimer in the words of Jay Z .. " don't be calling for no dumb shit" lololol i am sure yall wont anyway. much love and remember ns loves u more

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Good Times

hmmm!! and a few sighs... Africa Fest formerly known as Naija Fest has come and gone. I believe this was our 5th one. Can u imagine that.. for 5 solid yrs we have been at it.. time does fly. anyway so how was the event for those that missed it??? very good question... i have some opinions about the events so my take will obviously be a very biased one.

Was the show a success? hmmm not sure maybe depending on who u ask but at the end of the day its a good step in the right direction. As with "changes" we lose some and we gain some... only time will tell.. i guess everyones hope is that the little or big changes we make now will give us the desired results tomorrow.. so lets wait and see..

As far as NS at the festival.. its always fun to put faces to names and to see ppl show ns all kinds of love. we def appreciated it. business was ait... but its never about the business.. ppl made it fun for us and we have definitely extended our family.. so much love.. and remember NS loves u more. :) enjoy the pics

the interior decorator bassey decided to bring curtains.. was a good look.. not sure if they noticed it but the little details count and as i will borrow the words of Brooklyn Circus. "Experience is everything". and i think we gave them a good experience.

so we got Bassey, Bayo and iyabo in the pic.. bayo is wearin his slick as F jacket. hopefully we can bring that out later this yr :)

everyone has their own gang sign. Bayo is auditioning to be the next ROC groupie. not sure if the skulls cap will be a good look for Jay tho. Chuka came out to show ns love.. he is rockin NS Afrique. one of our classic designs.. bassey has the lagos legend shirt on... we are only tellin u what it is going to be.. We came we saw and we conquered.. ns is the truth which ever way u want to lie about it.
Bassey doing his own share of mingling. Spreading ns love. in this pic we have Afrique. NS VIP and NS levels
NS Fam in the building. We have uncle edy rockin VIP.. and John wearing his own customized SP shirt.. Good look i must say. and bayo just wanted u to know just incase u missed it in the front.. Ns is the only way 1463 baby.....
doing my own share of pics

The Suya shop came thru. Mr suya master competition is good thanks emmanuel andrew and james.. they hooked us up . and thanks to John for bringing more than enough sticks to feed 8 families in ______ u can finish it urself.
NS has arrived. now the amazing thing about this picture is we are all wearing an NS tee and its so beautifullllllll.. i am gettin teary .. yeah right dont want to lose my street cred :).. but we are def gettin there and growin our family. Great picture... shout out to all those that carried ns on their shoulders much love..
Bayo doin his thing
Mike Okri performed... i should know more about him but i dont and i am not ashamed of it
Mr. T came thru. picked up our specialist tee.. CJ to the right rocking compete clothing..
ok this was the sunday event. not much pics to show for it.. but we also want to thank our tent mates. Mary, gbemi, yuwa and sis.. sorry sis for not remembering ur name. def fun times and good memories
Thats all folks..

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More pics

Youssou N'Dour and Mr Legend

Jay killed it. he def got the crowd going for his entire set which probably lasted an hour, almost everyone was on their feet.
Shortly before we started wildin out.
ok bayo and bassey wildin out. ROC boy
maintaining. seye olusa and Wizards Caron Butler
"bassey really feelin J legend " baby i used to love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

FBB in NS SP linen comin out as soon as we can get our shit together :) but they are fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thats all folks.. more good things to come.. much love and remember NS loves u more

The day it all came together

Now this is definitely a big moment in our history.. i am sure if u ask bayo he will say its cuz he saw jay z again or if u ask bassey he will say its cuz mr legend dedicated " baby i used to love u" to him lololol enooooo bbbbbb...lolol( inside joke... my bad maybe someday u will find out..) well if u ask me why this day was a big moment for us? i will tell u it was the day NS1463 the brand came thru for us.. what does that mean? long story or short story? lets try short story..

a few yrs back(2-3) we were at the Nigerian Indy parade in NY.. doin our thing hustling premium tees as usual, after the event bassey is like he met some guy called Chris Aire.. said he was into jewelry blah blah blah he bought some tees we are like cool.. business as usual.. no biggie.. plus it wasnt like we were on that level anyway so he wasnt that familiar with us...

well then he somehow became a number on basseys phone... and he is buyin shirts bassey is sending him shirts. u know this was all going on behind the NS scenes so i wasnt involved with it.. it was more of a personal relationship than a business one that they both built .. and it all started from chris believing and loving the brand..

then i am in naija bassey is like chris called him .. wants more SP tees, he said the shirts were loved everywhere he rocked them and he wanted more.. not a bad look :) ..

let me speed the story up.. well so Africa Horizon was coming into town... and he was in the show, he asked us to make him some polos with his logo.. bassey did and when they met up with him they somehow didnt get a picture but he orgnanized 3 tickets for us.... now they werent the cheap tickets either so go figure.....

much love to chris.. We def appreciate the love u have given us and maybe one day shoppin with u wont be a big deal :) cus its still MIAMI for us Money Is A Major Issue lol.

enjoy the pics

Designer Momo

Deola Sagoe. Vibrant colors she is def doing big things

Mr. Chris Aire. in bayo's words Baaad Guy.
$400mill show.. not bad at all

Chris Aire.. dude made it possible for us.. good lookin out

The day they slacked

So ns has been making moves some strictly on ns work and some on extended fam.. long story short. Mr. Bassey and FB Bayo slacked biggggggg time.. now their excuse was "they were trying to maintain" imagine that.

i kinda felt where they were coming from a little but i think they forgot the no groupiness rule and some how became timid ... but u know what, bassey came back big time obivously with some ns swagger. he was able to save face a little but there really wont be any for the record cuz there is no picture to show of that big event in ns history..

so what am i talkin about???? hmm hopefully the pics and the rest of the blog will make it make sense.. much love and enjoy