Monday, August 11, 2008

The Good Times

hmmm!! and a few sighs... Africa Fest formerly known as Naija Fest has come and gone. I believe this was our 5th one. Can u imagine that.. for 5 solid yrs we have been at it.. time does fly. anyway so how was the event for those that missed it??? very good question... i have some opinions about the events so my take will obviously be a very biased one.

Was the show a success? hmmm not sure maybe depending on who u ask but at the end of the day its a good step in the right direction. As with "changes" we lose some and we gain some... only time will tell.. i guess everyones hope is that the little or big changes we make now will give us the desired results tomorrow.. so lets wait and see..

As far as NS at the festival.. its always fun to put faces to names and to see ppl show ns all kinds of love. we def appreciated it. business was ait... but its never about the business.. ppl made it fun for us and we have definitely extended our family.. so much love.. and remember NS loves u more. :) enjoy the pics

the interior decorator bassey decided to bring curtains.. was a good look.. not sure if they noticed it but the little details count and as i will borrow the words of Brooklyn Circus. "Experience is everything". and i think we gave them a good experience.

so we got Bassey, Bayo and iyabo in the pic.. bayo is wearin his slick as F jacket. hopefully we can bring that out later this yr :)

everyone has their own gang sign. Bayo is auditioning to be the next ROC groupie. not sure if the skulls cap will be a good look for Jay tho. Chuka came out to show ns love.. he is rockin NS Afrique. one of our classic designs.. bassey has the lagos legend shirt on... we are only tellin u what it is going to be.. We came we saw and we conquered.. ns is the truth which ever way u want to lie about it.
Bassey doing his own share of mingling. Spreading ns love. in this pic we have Afrique. NS VIP and NS levels
NS Fam in the building. We have uncle edy rockin VIP.. and John wearing his own customized SP shirt.. Good look i must say. and bayo just wanted u to know just incase u missed it in the front.. Ns is the only way 1463 baby.....
doing my own share of pics

The Suya shop came thru. Mr suya master competition is good thanks emmanuel andrew and james.. they hooked us up . and thanks to John for bringing more than enough sticks to feed 8 families in ______ u can finish it urself.
NS has arrived. now the amazing thing about this picture is we are all wearing an NS tee and its so beautifullllllll.. i am gettin teary .. yeah right dont want to lose my street cred :).. but we are def gettin there and growin our family. Great picture... shout out to all those that carried ns on their shoulders much love..
Bayo doin his thing
Mike Okri performed... i should know more about him but i dont and i am not ashamed of it
Mr. T came thru. picked up our specialist tee.. CJ to the right rocking compete clothing..
ok this was the sunday event. not much pics to show for it.. but we also want to thank our tent mates. Mary, gbemi, yuwa and sis.. sorry sis for not remembering ur name. def fun times and good memories
Thats all folks..