Saturday, August 30, 2008

on my journeys

so ns is back in the mix. I had to make a quick stop up north for my boys wedding.. i know wedding.... i guess we are all gettin older... almost a scary thot.. anyway there are loads of stories i can get into but i wont bore u or maybe its only because i am tooo lazy to start recappin the entire 5 day event. so enjoy the pics and wish Farouk and Zainab a happy marriage life.

We used the opportunity to have a mini high school reunion. Farouk, Anthony and Abubakar were all classmates of mine.. The last time i saw Ant was probably 2002 and and Abu probably 2001 needless to say we had loads of catchin up to do.. fun times and good memories.. much love for comin out . In the words of Anthony.. TIA - THIS IS AFRICA. and he didnt lie one bit. u can imagine what i mean..

enjoy the pics tho.


Abu went to pick ant up at the local SHED airport u will have to go there to understand what i mean. but hey if it aint broke dont fix it... yeah right.

Ant, The groom, Husseine and Abu
Farouk and Ant foolin around.
This must have been like 2 am easily on our first nite. guess who ate it and had stomach problems lol
The wedding took place in Maiduguri and Kano. We drove 5 plus hours there, thats another story for the ages.. just know i aint drivin there no more... The pics were taken in the brides house when we went to pick her up.
Farouk and his woman
The man of the moment. Lookin sharp and very cool

well the joke farouk wil tell u about this nite was when Husseine was giving a speech and he was like " farouk called him and said he got a girrrrrrrrl" and then his brother Afiz stepped it up and said if they ever needed advice that his door was open. lol the joke is like snoop givin advice to lets say usher.. well it was funny. The bottom right picture if of another nite. The Arabian nite

Real Classy event
Top right picture is of the Fatia. not sure about spellin tho. but we kinda got there late and we blocked a lot of cars from gettin out. TIA mehn anything is possible
Back in Kano. Big dinner
The Man and his Woman.. wish u guys the best.
ok thats it.. now i need to get back to the work that concerns us.. Spreading the NS love.
next stop lagos.
U will surely be posted.