Sunday, August 3, 2008

The day it all came together

Now this is definitely a big moment in our history.. i am sure if u ask bayo he will say its cuz he saw jay z again or if u ask bassey he will say its cuz mr legend dedicated " baby i used to love u" to him lololol enooooo bbbbbb...lolol( inside joke... my bad maybe someday u will find out..) well if u ask me why this day was a big moment for us? i will tell u it was the day NS1463 the brand came thru for us.. what does that mean? long story or short story? lets try short story..

a few yrs back(2-3) we were at the Nigerian Indy parade in NY.. doin our thing hustling premium tees as usual, after the event bassey is like he met some guy called Chris Aire.. said he was into jewelry blah blah blah he bought some tees we are like cool.. business as usual.. no biggie.. plus it wasnt like we were on that level anyway so he wasnt that familiar with us...

well then he somehow became a number on basseys phone... and he is buyin shirts bassey is sending him shirts. u know this was all going on behind the NS scenes so i wasnt involved with it.. it was more of a personal relationship than a business one that they both built .. and it all started from chris believing and loving the brand..

then i am in naija bassey is like chris called him .. wants more SP tees, he said the shirts were loved everywhere he rocked them and he wanted more.. not a bad look :) ..

let me speed the story up.. well so Africa Horizon was coming into town... and he was in the show, he asked us to make him some polos with his logo.. bassey did and when they met up with him they somehow didnt get a picture but he orgnanized 3 tickets for us.... now they werent the cheap tickets either so go figure.....

much love to chris.. We def appreciate the love u have given us and maybe one day shoppin with u wont be a big deal :) cus its still MIAMI for us Money Is A Major Issue lol.

enjoy the pics

Designer Momo

Deola Sagoe. Vibrant colors she is def doing big things

Mr. Chris Aire. in bayo's words Baaad Guy.
$400mill show.. not bad at all

Chris Aire.. dude made it possible for us.. good lookin out