Sunday, December 21, 2008

NS rides only for the streets..

REMEMBER FOLKS. NO GROUPINESS... NS will make her way.

well first thing i am not sure if NS is a He or She. well at this moment i will call it a she. she is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooo demanding lolol but i still love her. u know she gets jealous when i dont address her daily and then she begins to steal my monnnnney.. and when i talk she never listens. its always her way.. its give me this.. she is taking that.. na wa oh lolol

anyway back to the NO GROUPINESS. i know some of u might have read it here in the blog before.. so what do i mean by that.. NO GROUPINESS. well for one ns is a brand for the streets . a brand for the leaders.. a brand for ppl who take risks. a brand for ppl willing to go against the grain.. thats what ns is all about we are changing atttitudes and ppl that buy into our mission are not just comin in on the fashion tip or i want to buy a tee.. they are comin in that ok this is a movement ya dig.. this is what it can be.. they are becoming family and helpin spread the love and mission..

so now i say no groupiness again... i mean public figures like stars and celebs in naija. now not to knock anyones hustle cuz i def have mad love for everyone doing their own thing and making a living off their passion.. but NS1463 Clothing Co. cant jump on a stars bandwagon to get the publicity or recognition by the masses.. NS isnt about that... we will forever change attitudes.. forever be about the ppl and we will always maintain that integrity... NO GROUPINESS... its for the love, not the money, not the recognition,not the publicity infact u can keep addin a lot of nots there.. NS IS FOR THE PPL.. WE ARE ABOUT CHANGING ATTITUDES. AND WE WILL DO IT SHOWIN LOVE TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT BELIEVES IN WHAT WE ARE ABOUT. NS WILL ALWAYS LOVE U MORE AND WE WONT LET U DOWN.. WE CAN'T.. amen.
now maybe i should go to church and listen to someone preach as suppose to me preachin about how ns loves u :)

and remember folks ns loves u more