Thursday, November 27, 2008

God bless NS/Happy Thanksgiving

so my day came and gone. nothing to write home about.. a few customers came into the store.. some for some eye service. some lip service but its all good love is love.. to those in the states enjoy ur turkey day and the crazy sales happening in a few hours.. me i am here chillin in naija just chillin and being very very lazy... Happy Thanksgiving and we are thankful for being part of ur life.
Ns loves u even more today.
enjoy the pics

isnt she lovely?

now the story behind this dude.. he came into the store a few days ago .. was feelin the whole brand he ended up pickin the last unity longsleeve we have.. so i am like cool.. its an old tee still gettin some love.. so i am walkin thru the complex and i see this logo. i am like hold up ... oh snap thats ns... the dude came back into the store and i am like ok. i def need a picture of this. so here u go

the world is not enough..
much love ns