Thursday, November 13, 2008

what doesnt kill u.......

only makes u die younger in nigeria.

so i dare u to ask me how my day was? infact i tripple dare u to ask me how my day really played out.. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ( for those that watched the wire.. u should get that reference) my day was pretty rough. probably an understatement.. u know its like wearing a beautiful white suit and then having a big red wine stain on the jacket.. no matter how things fall ur way later u will know things aint just right.. tomorrow has to be a better day for real otherwise its back in the uuuuusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. well maybe not but this is my last warning to all the morons in uniforms that think they have power or rights... u dont have ish.. and at the end of the day u will get what u deserve..

so how does my day play out.. i went to VI to link up with hakeem then stopped by smalls place.. not like u will know these guys anyway. but the wahala started on my way back to the shop..

so we made our final u turn and we see these group of men in white and black uniforms.. now they usually dont stop private cars .. so i thot.... but somehow the driver also has blame.. its like these guys stop u but dont really stop u.. if u r tooooooooooooooo gullible( not sure thats the right word.. but pretty much not all the cars they ask to stop .. stop and nothin happens after that)

anyway back to my lament. so we get pulled over .. i am thinkin fuck.. i dont want to deal with these ppl. in nigeria when u get pulled over it usually will cost u some money and some how they will always find something wrong to seize ur car.. i am sure there will be a day cars will be seized or fined for not havin a workin radio or maybe even a PEN.. back to my story again.. so we are pulled over.. the driver is confident all our papers are legit. this will be an in and out thing.. me i am thinkin.. na mehn.. this things aint just in and out.. they will run their mouth. then my dumbass will respond in my yoruba english and then the guys will be like mugu done land. this one we go chop better money...

anyway long story short. we had everything but MOT.. now apparently it means something to them. but most car owners rnt even aware of it.. plus they were mainly for commercial vehicles now its for all vehicles.. the fine was 5k which aint that bad if it was just straight forward fine but to make the matter more suitable to the jungle in nigeria..

what these guys thot of was. once they realize u dont have the paper work. whici is probably a wannabe vehicle inspection.. they in some cases seized ur car keys, in our case since i didnt give that up. they took the tags.. and one of there superman officers decided to sit in the car. now to resolve the issue.. u will have to go to accordin to them make payment at a specific bank branch in a heavy traffic area. pay the amount and come back and pick ur car up at the office on the other side of town pretty much. now with this option .. to pay the fine off. they will ask u for some tax info.. imagine that.. what the eff does this have to do with taxes.. its like before payin ur speedin ticket they ask u for ur tax returns.. now what was more a really bad set up was. this tax info they asked about i am sure its like askin u to provide proof on the sales taxes u paid at Burger King.. u know something very trivial or something hardly kept or even remembered. long story short.. more money out the ying yang...

well i got lucky or maybe unlucky somehow they were friendly enough .. choosin my words carefully.. to take my job well done gift to them.. and they let us go..

now gettin into my complex and sharin my story with some ppl.. i realized i got off easy. some ppl ended up payin 35k to 50k to get the car because of the tax info no one had or ever paid.

long story short. the ppl that are suppose to protect us in naija are part of the ppl raping us.. anywhere else a warning or a reasonable fine on the spot.. but in naija things have to be done differently. so what i dont understand now is what if i was visiting lagos from a different state.
why should i get penalized for rules that dont apply to me in my own state..

craziness.. beasts of no nation

ns still loves u more..