Saturday, November 22, 2008

The moment we become legendary

indeed on this day we all become legendary. its not yet time for any speeches but we are literally by the first finish line.. first hurdle and i can imagine there will be more to come but we are not jumpin over this one oh. we are runnin straight through it.
u know i keep thinkin i should dedicate some time and share with u the story of NS1463., how it came about and why we are still around and relevant.. maybe one day.. maybe one day..
things are cool.. still on my grind.. sales have been slow.. well thats on me tho, i literally camped out at the store for days to make sure things gets done right and then going thru inventory is def no joke i wish there was an easier way. hmmm!!! maybe bassey and bayo take notes oh..
anyway its all good not much to blog about.. still lookin for a correct sales person... so far i havent been impressed and ns needs a passionate staff cuz as i am, i wear NS emotions on my sleeve oh so its very personal. fyi if u r not feelin ns just keep it movin oh.. bassey is not here to play the good COP and me i am the bad cop. what do u expect u cant come into a fathers house and tell him how ugly his daughter is .. lol i mean what do u expect him to say.. thank you for comin by we appreciate ur opinion and we hope one day u will see her differently :) that wont be our case oh.. so dont test me.. i dont have it in me to be diplomatic.
but i am sure its all love we will get from u.. back to the store we will be unofficially open on monday the 24th nov 08 . but there are a few behind the scenes things we need to get done so i am hopin sometime early dec we can have an official opening ..

enough rambling. enjoy the pics. they say pics can tell a story well i initially sequenced the pics to flow better than this.. but i cant figure out the mathimatical formula or i am too lazy to fix it :) much love and ns loves u more