Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God save the Queen n NS

so today must have been a stoked day cuz i am feelin good and i def. have good ns swagger tonite.. so finally things are takin shape. a few days to the unofficial store opening.. first ever ns flag ship store in lagos.. not a bad feelin at all... its just the beginning of greater things to come...

so as u can tell by the title i am in a playful mood the first idea of a title was the world better not end.. thats the exact feelin i have now.. u know things are takin shape for ns.. the only thing that can stop us is that. so yall should pray with us :-).. great journey and we are blessed to have u share it with us.. dont worry ns has ur back for decades to come.. much love.. and remember ns loves u more

enjoy the pics.. and i had a little surprise today at the shop...

They finally fixed the entrance.. after a lot of back and forth i wont get into.. but hey its done and i am feelin alright

Ns swagger is a must.. and this might be the best store in lagos and we did it all for the love.

pops came thru.. quite a surprise wasnt expecting it at all. and he is rockin the ns polo. not a bad look . much love for believing dad and i know moms would have come thru too so let me say dad and mom :) u know over here at ns we kiss both asses lololol
NS loves u more