Friday, January 1, 2010

as the year rounds up

first of pls give 30 shout outs to badprof... dude turned the big 3 decades on dec 30.. ladies pls show him some love.. and fellas buy some ns tees :)..

anyway as there year is rounding up, all we can do is give u all a big shout out for the support.. the love and most importantly your loyalty..

we are not kiddin when we say

1) ns loves u more
2) without u ns is just NS

so much love and we have a whole lot of dishes planned out for u in 2010... ns will be huge!!!! and we will make u proud like we have never done before...

for those that follow soccer Obafemi Martins came by the store... ns is the truth

bimbowlarrr... taggin the wall it only took her one yr and some change to come to the store.. but tis all good i know na the angels and mad traffic.. so u are forgiven

Tomi representing NJ... n maybe NR dependin on who u ask

disclaimer i took the pics iwth my phone.. so sorry about the quality.

thats it folks. even tho today is the first.. this post should have been for yesterday or the day before