Friday, May 20, 2011

To boost employee moral

German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen
By Stephen Evans
BBC News, Berlin

A recent photo of Munich Re's headquarters and its sculpture Man Walking
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One of the biggest insurance companies in the world held a party for salesmen where they were rewarded with the services of prostitutes.

Munich Re is the world's biggest re-insurer - in other words, the company acts as an insurance company for other insurance companies.

One of its divisions, Ergo, told the BBC that the party had taken place to reward salesmen in 2007.

A spokesman said the people who organised it had since left.

The gathering was held at a thermal baths in the Hungarian capital Budapest as a reward to particularly successful salesmen.

'Whatever they liked'
There were about 100 guests and 20 prostitutes were hired.

A German business newspaper said the prostitutes had worn colour-coded arm-bands designating their availability, and the women had their arms stamped after each service rendered.

According to Handelsblatt, quoting an unnamed participant, guests were able to take the women to four-poster beds at the spa "and do whatever they liked".

"After each such encounter the women were stamped on the lower arm in order to keep track of how often each woman was frequented," the paper quoted the man as saying.

"The women wore red and yellow wrist bands. One lot were hostesses, the others would fulfil your every wish.

"There were also women with white wrist bands. They were reserved for board members and the very best sales reps."

A spokesman for Ergo told the BBC that the party had happened, but said it was not the usual way of rewarding their employees.

Makes sense y they are in the insurance business wont have expected anything less than that.

0 stamp - qualified low risk good to go
1 stamp- minimal risk proceed with caution
2 stamps or more - high risk , high premiums
5 stamps - according to the guys good investment
1463 stamps- might as well borrow a needle from a crack whore.

pretty bad ratio tho 100 guest to 20 girls... thats average of 5 men per girl.. now answer this who is the bigger bitch.. the girl with the most guys or the least?

i wonder if its also commission driven. one can only hope it was an even distribution. cuz imagine they had 5 banging bitches to 15 ugly ones.. that maybe a tough bullet to bite on the 5 .. hmmmmm