Monday, May 2, 2011

the story of the missing foot

so my car had to go to the mechanic today my drivers side window was not winding up. so i got there and as usual with trial and error the guy is trying to fix the car. then i see a goat hobble up to me and the goat is like super friendly i am looking at it, its looking at me i am thinking goats shouldnt be this friendly then i look closer and see wow this goat has a deformed foot. i am thinking wow, never seen this before, i mean i have seen humans with one short leg but didnt think such happpened to other animals plus this goat seemed to be very.healthy. so i am thinking ait i have learned something new today.. then i ask one of the mechanics what the story of the goat is.

conversation went something like this

me- wow didnt know goats can have such a deformity ( i didnt use the exact word)
wale- no be like that they born am( thats not how it has always been)
me- what are u talkin about willis( i didnt say that too- i said what do u mean thats the leg naw, it is deformed.
wale- na one man say the goat they disturb ihm garden
me- i am like go on
wale- the guy is wicked, he claims he threw a cutlass at the goat and chopped the leg off
me- in disbelief i first of all laughed at how ridiculous the story was.
me- thats impossible, you literally have to hold the goat down to cut it like that
me- thinking - what kinda man will hold a goat down and cut half a leg off cuz the goat did what goats do? i mean is that how u teach a goat a lesson, and do you think the goat understands what it was punished for??
wale- probably
wale- he goes on to say all the goats run when ever they seem him around
me- damn

so here i present to u the famous goat. and she is knocked up to. The good sign is there is a goat out there that sees her for who she is. true love