Monday, September 21, 2009

His name is Wale


I am wale. aka, wale ariztos. i'm a photographer

photography and video fusion. it'll be fantastic. wait and see.

i get to capture moments at weddings, for example, that will/may neverrepeat itself. that pressure makes it all worth it.

be yourself and just be better than last time. be innovative-- follow-follow will only get you 2nd place, at best.

to just be myself in every capacity, unapologetically (not sure if that's a word. but you get what i'm saying.).

yes, i do

lol. my boss is cool. she's a great motivator- works very hard. so i'd just say thank you, but i gots-to-go!

i believe in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior

a) i work and play extremely hard
b) i love creative folks, and would go out of my way to help anyone out
c) photographs is all about lighting and not the camera
d) i've gotten only about 6 really good hair cuts in the last 15 years.

.a) browse the internet
b)listen to music
c)take long walks
d)hang with friends
e)read magazines and books
f)shop for gadgets

a)some sort of camera;

hit the snooze button

when everything i want to accomplish, is actually accomplished

damn...i just imagined a nice mix of the 3. if i had to choose one,dbanj!

nothing. i skip breakfast way too often.

n/a. but anything i eat is good, usually :-)

prefer kitchen...but i order in.

a positive attitude can really make dreams come true. make every attempt to do what you love doing...even if it means that you have to work 3 other jobs. be incredibly good at everything that you do, and finally, believe in the freshness, vitality, and importance of your own experience and imagination.