Monday, September 7, 2009



My name is 'Kayode Adegbola, and I'm a Law student in the UK and have been an active hobbyist photographer over the past two years. Besides study and photography, I am interested in media (music, art, fashion, etc.) and politics/current affairs. I like to think of myself as an all-rounder ;o)

In the next 14 years, I expect my photos to have been exhibited in some of the world's best galleries; and to be collectors' items amongst genuine photography and art lovers globally. I am planning my first exhibition at the moment, starting in Lagos, Nigeria and then London, UK. NS will definitely be kept posted ;o)

I don't get asked this a lot, and I'm glad that I've been asked it now.

◦ I am greatly spurred on by comments from people about how my photography inspires them, on a daily basis. There have been certain photographs I haven't been totally pleased with, but for every photo I've taken, there has been at least one positive reaction. For these two reasons alone, I am pleased and thankful for my talent in photography.

A hard knock lesson I'd like to share is that the first step to living a meaningful life is realising that life itself was not designed to be easy. Once that has been realized, then all else will come along with determination and hardwork. This, I try to remember whenever I feel like giving up. The concept has also been constantly taught to me by my parents and mentors.

The answer to that question does not exist, as I try to remain pleased and exempt regrets from decisions after I have made them. If I encounter a problem as a result of a decision I have made, I do my best to find a remedy!

I am still a student; in that case, we can refer to the Law School at Queen Mary, University of London as my 9-5 (and more) job.


One thing I wished people knew about me ----- It has taken me days to answer this question; I think a suitable answer is that I have a heart just like everyone else, and that I'm far from perfect, but perfection is what I strive for.

4 Secrets ---
◦ I hardly follow movies and television series, I'm known for falling asleep in cinemas :o)
◦ I love rain, especially tropical rain in Nigeria
◦ I'm only just getting over the fear of flying
◦ when I just hear a song and I like it, I listen to just that song until I'm tired of it.

I listen to music --- I have a wide, varied taste in music.
I take a Catnap --- this I do, when I'm very tired
I check out my twitter! --- fantastic for networking, useful for blog followership
I read blogs online --- I follow the NS Blog of course (**KA** loves NS), the Sartorialist, Brooklyn Circus,, and many more
I take a lukewarm shower
I read a magazine or a self-help book

my blackberry
a camera: on my phone, my SLR, or my point-and-shoot camera
my computer

I ashamedly admit that the first thing I do in the morning is look at my phone.

A good Friday will be spent in a nice London club ;o)

Beethoven in the morning, Jay-Z in the afternoon, D'banj at night ---- on a Friday this will be very much in order !

Indomie noodles ---

it was very basic, I won't eat it tomorrow!

Mostly order in, I cook 1/5th of the time (Noodles included of course!)

Thanks and best wishes to NS, **KA** loves NS too

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