Monday, August 31, 2009

Bassey Ns

My name is Bassey NS, co owner of NS1463

a full scale clothing brand

Seeing people I don’t know wearing the clothes and meeting people who believe in what we are doing

Nothing good comes easy. Dream it, believe it then do it…

Coming to America…lol (coming to think of it, it was not really mine)

Dont have a 9-5 and I hope I never would. PLEASE God hear my prayer!!!

No message for the boss

Hmm… nothing. If u don’t know, there must be a reason then

1. Don’t have up to four…

(1) I really don’t have secrets

(2) in my past life I was a dancer

(3)1463 really means 14th June of 03

(4) 14th June of 03 is really not 1463…lol

1. (1) Read (2) Study Music (3) Play Soccer (4) go online (5) cook (6) dance

1. (1) Food (2) Laptop (3) my book of secrets

wish i could sleep some more cos once i am up i cant go back to sleep again... then i pray for a good day

At the end of the week I look at my bank account balance and it reads $1,000, 000. Not had a good Friday or weekend yet!


I ate bread

It was great, can’t go wrong with agege bread

Kitchen most def

NS loves you more…