Monday, August 24, 2009

like 5 mins rambling

well well well.. i am back in the states.. got in close to 2 wks ago.. and i have finally accomplished task one of 1463 tasks..... well rome wasnt built in a day so ns wont either..
but we still love u more.. and this new collection will show u just how much more we love u..

remember without u.. ns will just be ns.. u know like pele without the soccer ball.. like jay Z without the big lips... or nigeria without the corruption :0 yes i said it.. n if u dont like a tee shirt to protest...

inbtw ns revolution is still in full effect.. so lanre if u r readin this... i hope u have my back..

much love ppl.. ns is back in the kitchen.. and we are cooking... ze wenig spices.. so its going to be a hot dish.

much love

ns really loves u more.. u cant even imagine it.